The Mess Website

Friday, August 21, 2009 writes on their front photo for their website, "Mets looking to turn the table on rival Phillies."

Uh, 2 things.

1) Turn the table? If the Mets were to sweep the Phils in this upcoming 4 game series - they'd still be 10.5 games behind Philadelphia.

If one were to look closer, it reads, "Watch...tonight, as the Mets, out for retribution after late-season troubles vs. the Phils the past two years, Philadelphia in the opener of a three-game series."

Do I really care if the Mets play well against the Phillies with 40 games left while their 15 games back? Not making the playoffs = Not making the playoffs.

2) "Rival Phillies"? Stop. Just stop. We'll deem ourselves "rivals" next year. Perhaps. For this year, let's just say that we're in the same division. Enough said.


Chip Sr. said...

Well said, Eli. Who reads anyway?