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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Thursday, Matthew Cerrone, wrote on his blog:

The following is of a two-inch Smurf, on the telephone, which has been sitting on the ledge in the Mets dugout for two days by the stairs that lead to the clubhouse:

Mike Pelfrey told me it is a good-luck charm, though he may have been joking with me. In either case, several people said it belongs to the trainers, which, given the health of the team, may make this more of a voodoo doll if you ask me.

Eli From Brooklyn says: If it was up to me, any smurf that's attached to the ledge of a Mets dugout cannot be one that resembles a call to the bullpen.

More so, the trainers might want to start looking into other smurfs to resemble the state of their ball club.

Here's an idea for you, Ray Ramirez:

Mets Sign Instant Replay To Contract


Flushing, NY - New York Mets General Manager Omar Minaya announced today the team has signed Instant Replay to a major league contract. A late season call up in 2008, Instant Replay had mixed results in the early going, losing in its debut when an Alex Rodriguez homerun was upheld after a challenge by the Tampa Bay Rays.

This season, however, Replay has been far more successful, including a perfect 5-0 record with Mets. “The Mets just felt like the right fit for me. Jerry [Manuel] has already shown a real willingness to use me in game situations, at home and on the road,” Replay said in explaining why he chose the Mets despite interest from other clubs.

Minaya, meanwhile, gushed about Replay’s abilities. “He’s a three tool player. He can determine whether a home run is fair or foul, whether a home run actually clears the fence, and whether a fan interferes with a ball. And he’s still young.”

However, Replay has its detractors around the league. Having already signed an endorsement deal with Sharp Aquos, some argue Replay has been given too much too soon. And many fans and a few GM’s still oppose its presence in the sport. “Look, most of baseball once thought black players had no business in the game. But then we were blessed with Jackie Robinson. I’m not saying I’m like Jackie or anything, but if I can have some success at this level, then maybe it’ll open the door for other forms of Replay to make it to the Bigs - plays at the plate or plays at first or balls and strikes - who knows! Trust me, there’s a lot of talent in the Replay Leagues.”

Details of the contract have not yet been disclosed, but it is believed to be a one year deal worth a year of HBO and a new remote.

(As reported by

Da Da Da Dum Dum Dum - CHARGE ($$$)

We all know 718-507-TIXX is the number to call if a fan wants to purchase a few Mets' Tickets... but which number does that same fan call to get his money back?

Let Me Explain:

On Friday, May 29th, a fan calls up the box office to order 2 tickets behind the dugout, costing him $450. "Why not?" he tells himself, "the Mets are playing wonderful baseball and I'll be able to show my son the stars of the future." (Mind you, he's been saving up for this very special occasion). Sounds like an excellent deal for one of the world's greatest fans.

Or so you think.

On Saturday, May 30th, this very fan is holding the hand of his 7 year old son, as they both walk through Citi Field's Rotunda. "You'll see 'em all, Bobby, the players I've been telling you 'bout! The Joe DiMaggio's and the Babe Ruth's of today!" Bobby begins to hop excitedly at just the idea of seeing anyone close to whom his Grandpa had seen as a child. "This sure will be a day to remember," Bobby thinks to himself.

As the first view of freshly cut grass comes into site, Bobby can't help but try to read the back of the player's uniforms as they line up to take their turn in batting practice, "there's Val... Val... Val...," "Valdez," Bobby's dad says as he settles down in his chair, "he's new on the team."

"But where are the players Grandpa has been telling me about? Where's Omir Santos? Where is David Wright? How about Mr. Sheffield?"

"Oh them? They're probably going to bat in a few minutes. They're trying to give the less-played guys a chance to hit first."

"Oh, okay, Dad, thanks."

But alas, unfortunately for poor Bobby (and on a similar account, his considerably less rich Daddy) the Wright's and the Sheffield's were merely dugout decorations on that fateful Saturday. What an anti-climactic piece to a story that had such potential and bright future.

Too bad it's not labeled "Fiction."

Anyone who attended Saturday's game did a double glance at the lineup board.

1. Angel Pagan, LF
2. Fernando Martinez, RF
3. Carlos Beltran, CF
4. Fernando Tatis, 3B
5. Daniel Murphy, 1B
6. Ramon Martinez, 2B
7. Brian Schneider, C
8. Wilson Valdez, SS
9. Tim Redding, RHP


If teams are going to sport their Triple A roster then they must start charging the fans accordingly. Even the one bright spot in the lineup (Carlos Beltran) left the game early with a stomach virus. Maybe he couldn't stomach the Wilpon's thought process when they went forth in charging $250 dollars for an above-average seat in order to see a below-average team?

The only thing sadder than this is what went through Tony Paige's mind tonight as he gave over his sagely thoughts on WFAN.

"Jerry Manuel knew the Mets stood no chance against Josh Johnson. Johnson owns the Mets so he figured 'why not throw the backups on the field'? They were gonna lose the game anyway."

Uh, Paige, the only thing that's lost is your mind and the time we actually spend listening to you.


Leave On Livan!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

. is really excited tonight.

We all loved how Livan Hernandez pitched last night and we'd love even more if he can give us another 9 innings, but wouldn't that be taxing on the old man's right arm?

I love the enthusiasm, MetsBlog.

How about putting Reyes, Beltran and Ollie in the lineup? Heck, throw Tom Seaver in as well!

World Series 2009 - Here We Come!

UPDATE - 11:34 P.M.

The goofy get goofier. (I feel like Phil Mushnick and is my Mike Francesa/WFAN)

The Mets took care of business tonight against the Nationals defeating them by a score of 7-4. Johan Santana possibly had his worst outing as a Met (walking 6) but came out anyway with the W. Bobby Parnell, Pedro Feliciano, J.J. Putz and Frankie Rodriguez pitched in relief, giving up just one run.

But not according to; I'll let you find their error.

Hint: It's near a red error arrow. (Click on the picture to see a bigger shot).

And they call themselves a "Grand Central Station for Mets Information?"

More like the One-Stop-Shop-For-The-Informational-Ball-Drop? Not as catchy, eh? (No Pun Intended).

Either way, I know it's just a blog and people jot down things quicker than they think, but whenever your advertising on SNY and you claim to be the Mets Top Blogger of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd Century, you either have to shape up or ship out.

Gosh, I love Phil Mushnick.


You would think if Matt Cerrone makes a mistake he'd correct it? Think again.

He's been calling Josh Johnson - "John Johnson" the entire year now and I don't think he plans on stopping.

Hey, whatever rocks your socks, Matthew, or is it John?

Vote Here!

Say what you want about age...

...With the Mets, it's certainly not a factor.

Over the past few years the Mets have made big acquisitions and signed big (and some old) players. Going through Omar's pickups, I've narrowed it down to 4 people (+ 1 other) who make Mets baseball what it is today. Since I couldn't narrow it down any further...I brought YOU in.

Good luck (and no cheating)!

What a Me(t)ss!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Okay, okay, I just got off the phone with the NY Post's Bart Hubbuch. This is what he told me:

The Mets heralded the Fernando Martinez era today by placing both Jose Reyes (calf) and Ryan Church (hamstring) on the 15-day disabled list.

"It is in the best interest of them and the best interest of the team," Jerry Manuel said.

The team recalled Martinez -- their top prospect -- from Triple-A Buffalo, and the 20-year-old will start in right field at bat sixth tonight against the Nationals at Citi Field.

The Mets also acquired shortstop Wilson Valdez from the Indians for cash considerations, and he was placed on the active roster. Valdez, a defensive specialist, was hitting just .198 for the Indians' Triple-A affiliate in Columbus, Ohio, at the time of the trade.

Reyes has been hindred by tendinitis in his calf for nearly two weeks, but the Mets did not put him on the DL until today. His disabled list assignment is retroactive to May 21. Church is retroactive to May 23.

"I feel very comfortable our medical people gave us very good advice," GM Omar Minaya said in explaining why the moves weren't made earlier.

Of Reyes, Minaya said, "We didn't see progress from yesterday to today we wanted to see."

An MRI exam of Carlos Beltran's knee, meanwhile, revealed a bruised and inflamed tibia. He received a cortisone shot and will not play the next two games, at least.

"The Beltran situation also forced the Church situation," Minaya said.

Reyes could come back as soon as his 15-day stint is up June 5.

"Based upon everything I got for him, for us to get him back to where we want to get him ... we're looking at about a week," Minaya said.

Martinez was hitting .281 for Buffalo, and the team was hesitant to bring him up if he could not play every day. With Church out and Beltran hurting, he should get that chance in the short term.

Martinez recently extended his hit streak at Buffalo to seven games and was hitting .366 (11-for-30) with three doubles, four home runs, eight RBI and seven runs scored since May 18 at the time of the call-up. He also was first in the International League with 25 extra-base hits.

Why the Mets waited 2 weeks to put Reyes on the DL is beyond me?

Francesa believes that Church should demand a trade.

It's exciting to see F-Mart up. A little less exciting is the fact that Angel Pagan is in center tonight, Tatis is our first baseman, Ramon Martinez is manning short, and Castillo and Wright are the only 2 playing tonight that were also on the opening day roster.


Did You Know...?

Need some sports tidbits for an awkward elevator ride? Wanna impress a date? Wanna bore a science nerd? Well, you've come to the right place...

Here are some nuggets to chew on:

Rookie Omir Santos hit a two-out, two-run, ninth-inning home run off Jonathan Papelbon overcoming a 2-1 deficit in the Mets' 3-2 victory at Boston on Saturday Night. Is Santos headed for bigger things? Consider that over the last 20 years, only 13 other rookies have turned a deficit into a lead with a two-out homer in the ninth inning or later. And among the players who did it, as rookies, were several who have gone on to enjoy considerable subsequent success, including Jim Thome in 1991, Eric Karros in 1992, Carlos Beltran and Mike Lowell in 1999, Ryan Zimmerman in 2006 and Ryan Braun in 2007.

Those are just some of the other 13 rookies.

Speaking of 13...

Francisco Rodriguez recorded his 13th save in his 13th try against the Nationals on Monday night. He becomes the first Met in history to be perfect through his first 13 saves. In related news, Mets fans everywhere are seeing reduced blood pressure and less emergency trips to the hospital. That's always a good sign.

I wrote on Saturday night in "Around The Majors" how John Mayberry Jr. hit a home run in his second major league at bat (against the Yankees on Saturday in the Bronx)...

Well, like everyone else, we got a laugh when FOX's telecast repeatedly showed a shot of a fan identified as Mayberry's dad, the former first baseman for the Astros, Royals, Blue Jays and Yankees, who hit 255 big-league home runs. Only the fan who was shown was not actually the elder Mayberry, but someone else; FOX found the real Mayberry later on, and had fun with the misidentification. But it would have been nice had the broadcast crew mentioned-had it known, of course-that the senior Mayberry owns a unique distinction at the old Yankee Stadium. He was the only visiting player in the history of the House That Ruth Built to hit a home run there in each of four consecutive games in the same series. Mayberry did that in 1972, his first year with the Royals.

(Click on the Picture to Magnify for Full Funniness)

Finally, we come to the comeback. Monday was the first day in major-league history on which two different teams won games after trailing by at least six runs in the eighth inning or later. Cleveland was down 8-2 in the eighth inning before rallying to beat Tampa Bay and San Diego overcame a 7-1 deficit in the eighth inning and defeated Arizona.

Well, if this doesn't impress or bore - I dunno what will.

Signing out, Eli's Sports Bureau

Not So Even-Steven

Monday, May 25, 2009


Does everyone remember how Steve Phillips dropped the ball in the Mets' Sunday Night Baseball game last week? Well, let me refresh your memory.

Bob Raissman, of the Daily News, wrote at the time:

The baseball season is not even two months old, but it's long enough to know Steve Phillips the new mouth in ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball" booth, and Joe Morgan, the old one, don't agree on much.

Morgan is doing most of the disagreeing. The third man, Jon Miller? His role is now epitomized by one of the booth shots ESPN aired Sunday (Mets-Giants). While Phillips and Morgan were gabbing away, Miller, the play-by-play voice, was looking out at the field through a pair of binoculars.

Maybe he was tired of another one of their conversations. Or maybe Miller, who worked "alone" with Morgan for the past 19 seasons on "SNB," has just accepted his new - somewhat muffled - status.

The tone of Morgan's responses to Phillips makes it hard figuring if he really disagrees with the former Mets GM or is just trying to polish his own star.

Some of the stuff coming out of Phillips' mouth deserved to be thrown back in his face. Like in the fourth inning, when Phillips gave credence to inhabitants of the Valley of the Stupid, sports talk radio, as if its take on Jose Reyes is gospel.

"The talk on New York talk radio was trade Jose Reyes," Phillips said. "They believe (Mets brass) have to change the core of the team. ... And a lot of people in New York think Jose Reyes is part of the problem."

Morgan (derisively): "Well, I'm not a big believer in talk radio."

Phillips: "I'm not, either." (Hmm, strange coming for a guy who has his own daily segment on ESPN 1050.)

Then why, on national TV no less, did Phillips choose to pay homage to the first-time-long-time geek patrol?

Earlier in the game, Phillips said "winning teams" have at least one "flawless" player - a performer who does not make mistakes. The Mets, Phillips said, don't have one.

Morgan: "Being honest with you Steve, that (the concept of a "flawless" player) is wishful thinking."

Morgan should have taken it a step further and asked Phillips if he once actually thought Mo Vaughn was a "flawless" player?

There's more. After Phillips said Reyes and David Wright are part of the Mets long-term solution, he suggested that GM Omar Minaya (he referred to Minaya as "they") might want to start thinking if Carlos Beltran has a future with the Mets. For "the $17-plus million they have invested in him," Phillips wondered if the Mets were getting enough "game-winning plays" in return.

"I definitely would disagree," Morgan said. "You want more from Beltran, but you can't deny he's put up the numbers."

In all this back-and-forth, Phillips showed no spine. No one is suggesting that these debates should be taken to an extreme. Nonetheless, every time Morgan shot down Phillips there was little response. Phillips needs to counter-punch. That would make the television more compelling.

So, Eli, why do you bring it up now?

Well, newspapers, blogs, and sports talk radio were bashing Phillips like there was no tomorrow and I was wondering if Phillips was feeling the heat. He was.

Recently, ESPN has come out with a commercial comically stating how Steve Phillips is the best thing since zip-locked bags. In it, he wears a chest protector while a man throws baseballs at it as Phillips correctly guesses the speed at 88 mph. Also, he implies that he was a great GM since he discovered "David Wright at a Dance Marathon." In addition, ESPN attempts to shine more godly spotlight on Phillips as he helps a group of people, who are viewing a 3-D image poster, by telling them what the secret image is.

Are you serious?!

This is a pathetic attempt to make Phillips' likable again. (Again?) Too bad, New Yorkers and the Nation heard words out of Phillips mouth last week that are just not retractable and cover-up-able. All this commercial does is make Phillips look even sillier than when he opens his mouth on television, on the radio and in general.

Here's some advice for ya, Steve: Why not try going away for a while? Far far away.

Oh yeah...and follow lead from the zip-lock bag. Zip it.

(Editor's Note: The commercial has not yet been released online but when it does, I'll be sure to zip it right over to the blog)

Mike'd Up? A Bit Too Much.


As seen on Baseball Digest:

A little league coach called Mike Francesa last week to offer a suggestion on how the Mets could have still scored the run in LA despite Church missing third base. It makes a lot of sense. Too bad Mike's mike seems to be a lot louder than the caller's.

Here is an excerpt from the NY Post:

WFAN’s most astute caller of the week is waved off, lost to Mike Francesa’s dismissive, pompous side. Again. The caller wanted to talk about that appeal play in Los Angeles, when the Mets lost the lead in the top of the 11th after Ryan Church was ruled out for missing third on an Angel Pagan triple. And the caller knew what he was talking about.

He said he’s a high school baseball coach, and in such rare situations — when there’s a call for an appeal play at third with a runner already there, as there was Monday in L.A. — he would instruct the player on third (Pagan) to run toward home the moment the pitcher starts the “live ball” appeal by touching the rubber and beginning his throw to third.

In that way, he tried to continue, the team in the field (Dodgers) must make a split-second move: Follow through on the appeal at third — in Monday’s case risk Church being called safe, thus the Mets would have a two-run lead (Church scoring, followed by Pagan) — or throw home to tag the runner (Pagan), thus no appeal at third could be made and the Mets would be conceded that one, go-ahead run (Church).

You knew where the caller was headed: The only way the Mets could not enter the bottom of the 11th with a lead was if the Dodgers stayed focused enough to carry out the appeal and Church was ruled to have missed third. Fascinating!

But Francesa spoke over the caller, big-timing him and disallowing him from fully making his point. Francesa broadly explained that the play was “dead,” which wasn’t the issue. The caller was talking about sending Pagan once the appeal process restarted the game.

As reader Robert Adler writes, “Here was a high school coach calling in, not some kid who wanted to trade Daniel Murphy for Matt Holliday. . . . Here was the one call, all afternoon, worth listening to, and Francesa blew him off.”

Hmm... let's see what's on 1050...

Boston Three Party

Sunday, May 24, 2009

If only that were the case.

The Mets were in line to take 3 games from the Red Sox and help us forget that most of the team is wounded, hurt, on the bench and unable to play.

So much for that.

On Sunday, the Mets dropped the final game of their first interleague series of the season, falling to Boston by a lopsided score of 12-5. That wasn't the only thing that fell; the Mets themselves are dropping like flies.

Following today’s game, Jose Reyes told reporters that his leg is still not feeling good, and said there is ‘no chance’ he will start tomorrow at home against the Nationals. Frankie Rodriguez collapsed on the floor after last night's game as a result of pain from back spasms. He was back from a Boston Hospital today and is said to be feeling better. Let's hope. Ramon Martinez was removed from today’s game in the eighth inning with back pain, Jerry Manuel explained. Prior to today's game, Manuel said it is possible Ryan Church could be put on the disabled list, as he will have his sore right hamstring examined tomorrow in New York. Church also said he is experiencing pain his right hip. Fun fun fun. Carlos Delgado is recovering from surgery, Alex Cora is on the 15 day DL, Carlos Beltran was reluctant to play center field in the series due to soreness in his knees, and Brian Schneider is still on the DL (with word that he is coming off soon).

Is that enough for ya?

Oh, and to top it all off, the Mets fan base is sick to their stomach having to endure it all.

If only there was a DL for us too...

Boston Massacre - Version 2.0

Saturday, May 23, 2009


A revolution is underway and it’s streaking right through Bill Buckner’s legs. Boston has been called the Cradle of Liberty and for good reason. It has been inhabited and visited by some important heroes such as Paul Revere, John Adams, Dr. Samuel Prescott, and now Omir Santos. Boston was the primary battleground for the American Revolutionary War with the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill and the city sure knows a thing or two about tough battles. Yet nothing could prepare Boston for what they had witnessed this fortnight. Something far worse than the Boston Massacre has taken place. The invincible one had been reduced to human. The dancers moves went from salsa to tango…an awkwardly slow tango.

Give our Mets credit. Mightier than the British army at Yorktown, and with a leadership far superior to that of King George III, the Mets have entered the Boston stronghold and have come out with their heads held high, keeping Boston quieter than Big Papi's bat.

Boston just might just prove to be the cradle of the Mets existence, and Omir Santos might have provided a spark far superior than the Boston Tea Party itself. Down with Monarchy… Up with The Mets Sweeping them into the Bay... if Ray Knight is crossing the plate all over again.

Around The Majors - 7th Edition

Around the Majors, acronym "ATM," is the place baseball fans all over the world come to cash on in what's been happening in Major League Baseball.

Get your debit cards out 'cause here it comes, Interleague Style.

New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies: Whenever a Met fan sees this match up, he or she wonders, "hmm, who do I root to win? Do I care more about the division rivalry (and my playoff chances) or more about the bragging right down at the New York tavern?" Well, let the Bar Fight go for now, we'd rather gain ground in the division. Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't want to see the Yankees win, I'm just rooting for the Phillies to lose.

Just as the debate stormed on inside my head, so too, the Yanks and Phils are going at it in the Bronx. They have each taken a game apiece and both look to take the rubber game tomorrow as C.C Sabathia takes on Cole Hamels at 1:05 pm.

On a side note, we all remember the Home Run Derby took place in Yankee Stadium last year and recall how Josh Hamilton made it look easy. But what we didn't know is how the new Yankee Stadium will feature a derby each and every game they play in it this year. Before Saturday's game, there have been 82 homers at Yankee Stadium, a record for the first 21 games at a major league park, according to the Elias Sports Bureau and five more than were hit at Houston's Enron Field in 2000. Talk about a band box. For all those who are clueless about why it's called a Band Box, fret not. You're not alone. But now's your chance to find out!

P.S: For good measure, Mariano Rivera's son is following in the footsteps of his father.

Minnesota Twins: It seems as if the cycle is almost as common as the home run in Yankee Stadium; it's happening often. Michael Cuddyer joined Jason Kubel as the second Twin to hit for the cycle this season. Cuddyer hit for it last night in an 11-3 win over the Brewers. Kubel delivered his cycle against the Angels on April 17 at the Metrodome. The last team to have two players hit for the cycle in the same season was the 2003 Montreal Expos, when Vladimir Guerrero and Brad Wilkerson each accomplished the feat.

It's also the third cycle the Twins have recorded in the past two seasons. Carlos Gomez hit for the cycle in a contest against the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field on May 7, 2008. Prior to Gomez's cycle, it had been nearly 22 years since a Twins player had hit for the cycle. Kirby Puckett hit for the cycle at the Metrodome on Aug. 1, 1986, against Oakland.

Oakland Athletics: When Jason Giambi signed with the A's in January, he was sitting on 396 career home runs and talked openly about wanting to play long enough to reach 500. No. 400 came in the fourth inning Saturday night.

Milwaukee Brewers & San Diego Padres: When Jody Gerut hit the first home run ever in Citi Field - he entered the history books, as well as the trivia books. During a Thanksgiving dinner 10 years from now, your uncle will turn to you and ask, "Sonny, who hit the first home run ever in Citi Field?" You'll know what to say. (The reason it's a great question is due to the fact that Gerut is not the most famous of players. Well, he started the season in San Diego but was traded to Milwaukee in a straight swap for Tony Gwynn Jr. And the answer starts his descent to the land of nowhere...)

Cherry on the Top: John Mayberry Jr. made his career debut with the Philadelphia Phillies today and in his second at bat, he took the ball yard. The best part about it? No, not that his parents were in the stands but rather, the silent treatment that his teammates gave him when he returned to the dugout after touching 'em all. You gotta love it...

We're Matt At You!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anyone who follows the Mets semi-religiously knows that the first stop for updates and team info is not It's

Whether it be rumors, highlights, analysis or just good ol' talking baseball - Mets Blog has it all. They even let you comment your own thoughts. Used to, at least.

To make a short story long... the Chief Blogger, Matthew Cerrone changed the format of the comment boards recently and the entire reading community had a fit. "Change the format back to the way it was!", they screamed. "We want to be heard!", they continued. But alas, it was too no avail.

Not only did he not listen, he shut us out. Last night, he turned the commenting section off completely.

You would think that someone who has enough brains to follow the Mets would be equally as smart to let his following public know what is going on! So let's say he's working on a new commenting board format, at least let the readers know! This wreaks of bad taste, poor journalism and weak blogging talent.

Now whenever I read a post of his I sort of see it differently.

For example:

Child seems as Child does.

And for all your critics out there who tell us to "stop reading the site if we don't like the way it's run" then kindly leave this site as well.

Let's pick it up, Matt...and in a hurry.

- Thursday

Well, well, it seems as if Mr. Cerrone has gotten the message. Of course he has - he visits this site daily.

He writes in a blog post today, "for those who are curious..." he will later discuss the state of the site's comment section. He explains that "the recent series of late night games and early morning writing has left me little time to address the issue."

As usual, I see his post with "extra" words and "distorted" pictures.

Um, do you expect us to think this is entirely true?

You obviously had enough time to twitter to Shaq that "'Experience makes you an expert.' Too true, Shaq, who my friend once accidentally called O'Neil Shaquile. " and you weren't too busy to let Jon Heyman know that "yes, I enjoyed my cookie from the Treats Truck, who also have outstanding Oatmeal Choc. Chip as well.!"

Yikes, Matt, someone was caught in a lie. Either that or a certain Mets blogger doesn't have his priorities straight.

(...that Mets blogger would also be me, being that I actually read your site for Mets content.)

Shame on you, Matthew.

We Left Our Heart In San Francisco

If there was ever a time to panic it would be... not now.

The Mets are finding themselves extremely lucky, albeit not in their games but in the standings. Thankfully, no one in the NL East is on a tear right now so the Mets find themselves just a simple game back in the standings. Speaking of tear, Jerry Manuel says Jose Reyes could be headed to the DL. His calf will be examined today, Thursday, in NYC. (Between me and you, the Mets are absolutely awful when it comes to dealing with injuries. Carlos Delgado did not need to fly to the west coast last week. Jose Reyes did not need to return to the lineup if he was not 1000%... and don't tell me he was - he wasn't. This occurence tonight proves my point. If you want more proof that the Mets constantly drop the ball - besides in the outfield - when it comes to injuries then google "Ryan Church & Colorado". You'll see what I mean).


What's the most telling sign that your team is not performing well at all? No, besides the fact that most of it belongs in Triple A. Try again.

Yup, you guessed it: When your number 5 starter allows 1 run in 7 innings and you still lose 2-1 ... you know you're deep in number 2. I know that's alot of number for just 1 sentence but allow me to throw 3 more your way: 9-1-1.


According to Gary Cohen, the Mets have gone 307 plate appearances without a homerun. Is that a joke? I know this number won't succeed 1,000; we're due to be in Yankee Stadium in the near future.

Speaking of Yankee stadium home runs, the Yanks went back-to-back-to-back on Wednesday night for the first time in the new stadium. I'm surprised it's only happened once so far; the only thing quicker to leave the park are Twins Fans.


Take your time getting back, Delgado.

Daniel Murphy looked outstanding on defense while playing first base for the first time in his major-league career. He made a handful of impressive stops on ground balls hit in the hole and down the line, flipping the ball like an old pro to Hernandez for outs. He also made a goalie-like, leaping grab on a hot line drive to end the fifth inning.

Prior to tonight's game, Jerry Manuel told reporters he will no longer use Daniel Murphy in the outfield. That came as a shock to me being that I never knew Murphy actually PLAYED in the outfield. Wink wink.


The Mets now head to Boston to take the Red Sox on for three games. But first...let me throw the cliche line at you. Ready? Here goes:

"Thankfully, The Mets first have a much needed day off on Thursday."

If I had a nickle for every time....

Giving It All Back

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Remember the week we won 7 in a row? Well, forget it.

We're giving it all back.

As we've seen before, the Mets play streaky baseball. Think of it as a see-saw; sometimes we go up and sometimes we go down. And at this rate we're going to fall off.

We have.

No longer are we in first place: the Phillies won in Cincinnati...the Mets lost in L.A. Adding injury to insult (in this case it's not "adding insult to injury") - Carlos Delgado will be out for 10 weeks as he recuperates from hip surgery. Can it get any worse? Yeah... Brian Schneider can come back.


The Mets seem to say that they want Daniel Murphy at first base at some point in the future. Uh, wasn't tonight's game the perfect game to give him the 1st base start? Didn't Jeremy Reed make an awful throwing error the night before from 1st base? Why oh why do I not understand the things you do, Mets Management?

As Matthew Cerrone wrote, "Look, it’s nothing against Jeremy Reed, but he’s seemingly most valuable as a defensive outfielder and a pinch hitter. If Manuel must get Reed’s bat in the starting lineup, play him in left field where he will look like a Gold Glove defender. In this current scenario, you’re weak on defense in two spots." Agreed.

Oh, and Murphy had a rough first inning. He got picked off of first, when, for some reason, he broke for second before Chad Billingsley even began his motion to the plate. Then, on defense, a few moments later, he misplayed a line drive right at him that deflected off his glove – you know the play, you’ve seen it before. The runner later scored on a single up the middle.



Would you say that this team pitches better when Castro/Santos are behind the plate, as opposed to Brian Schneider? I do also and I have the numbers to prove it. More on this coming later...

Hello, Jerry!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now that most of the Mets' players have played positions they've last played in little league (i.e. Fernando Tatis played shortstop in a major-league game for the first time in 11 years. Jeremy Reed started at first base for the first time in his career Friday night), it seems as if Jerry Manuel is out of options. What's he to do?

Well, Jerry, it's a good thing you come to the blog daily. Here at Eli's Sports Bureau we've worked on some options that you might want to take a look at... or not.

Why not try...
  • Having Fernando Tatis - a utility man - play catcher? He is the team's emergency 3rd catcher these days. C'mon! It can't hurt anyone (besides Fernando's knees).
  • Putting David Wright on the mound to pitch? This way he can already be close to picking up the bunted balls, instead of having to creep 3 quarters of the way down the line for it?
  • Bringing Carlos Delgado to San Francisco only to be sent away a day later with a "sudden" injury? Oh, wait. You did do that.
  • Speaking to Omar Minaya on how it's important not to send Nelson Figueroa up and down from Triple A like he's an inanimate object? The guy's got feelings you know.
  • Leaving Daniel Murphy in to hit in a big spot when he had come through with a big pinch hit just 2 nights before that? Unless you don't believe in the Golden Boy anymore. We still do.
  • Putting Johan Santana in the 'pen? He'd be lights out as a 7th inning man and you have nothing to lose (besides a game, but apparently, that shouldn't bother you)...
  • Going out to fight the call when Ryan Church was called out for missing the 3rd base bag? Who cares if he really missed it? You fight for your players! Joe Torre did it in the 10th when his player got called out (by a substantial amount) because that is what a manager does for his player. Unless you don't like Church all that much... Hmm...
  • Teaching your team the fundamentals of baseball? If a players calls another player off - the latter leaves the scene. If a player has time to make a throw home - take the time. If a player wants to score - he should touch the previous base. Hey, that's just what I think. Mind me and my fundamentals.

BLOG POST SUBMITTED BY: Billy Andrews, a 5th grade Left Fielder for PS 197

An Angel and a Church - The Gory Version

Yawn... It's late. Do games on the west coast really have to go 11 innings? More than that, do games on the west coast that go 11 innings really have to end with the Mets losing in miserable fashion?

Chaos 101.

Let's go quickly through the high-low-lights: Randy Wolf opened the game up with a strike. Jeremy Reed threw wildly to the plate. Dodgers win. Okay, we're done.

Many of the players tonight have been interviewed by beat reporters out here in L.A. but Eli was able to get a few words with those that made the biggest difference.

Eli sat down with Ryan Church's right cleat and wasn't afraid to ask the tough questions:

Eli: Thanks for taking the time. I know your going through a tough post game experience right now but let me ask you... what happened out there? How'd you miss the 3rd base bag? Don't you guys work on this stuff in spring training? This is the basics!

Ryan's Right Cleat: No Comment

Eli: You must be missing the point here. That's okay. It's not the first thing you've missed tonight.

RRC: (Starts to fidget around... Could be due to the fact that Ryan is getting asked similar questions by beat reporters six feet above this interview with his shoe... Morons, the real culprit is down here)...

Eli: Well, thanks for your time. Send regards to the floor of the dugout tomorrow night. After all, that's where you'll be residing.

RCC: (Utter Silence...Gives "Dirt"y Looks)

Moving down the line in the clubhouse, Eli spots Angel Pagan; the Culprit.

Eli: Uh, Angel. Can I have a word?

Angel: Sure... I'll give you three... Use them wisely.

Eli thinks to himself, "Hmm, which 3 words should I choose? So many words. Well, being that Angel Pagan is of Puerto Rican descent, perhaps I should teach him a few English words."

And with that thought in mind:

Eli: "I Got It" - When Beltran says this, you run. Run as fast as you can. Away.

So basically, to sum it all up:

Cable Tv: $65

Ryan Church Jersey: $25

Scissors: $7

Cutting up my Church Jersey with a brand new pair of scissors as I kickbox my TV to smokes: Yeah... You get the point...

(Editor's Note: Ironically, on January 21st, 2009, the Mets avoided salary arbitration with 2 outfielders. They signed them each to one year contracts. Too bad we didn't have a clause in it stating that they both can't play on May 18th. It's just too bad.)

Which Manuel?

Monday, May 18, 2009

We're in a recession for gosh sakes! This is unacceptable!

At a time when people are begging for jobs, it becomes all the more puzzling when is hiring the extremely unqualified and less of us HIGHLY TRAINED and QUALIFIED bloggers who are forced to find work elsewhere.

From the looks of the website today (as if people still read in today's blogging age) the Mets have seemed to hire a Phillies fan to work for them or an imcompetent computer geek who doesn't know much about baseball. Both, ya say? Well, I couldn't argue with that.

Take a look at which manager may be taking it easy on Jose Reyes:

Sorry Marty Noble, your thoughts just don't seem up to par.

A Few Balks in the Park

Balk: A rule in baseball that even the most die-hard of fans have trouble comprehending.

Explain it how you want; I just don't understand it. So what if this admission deems me as one who lacks the full knowledge of the game? I just don't get the rule. I can be watching the game and then wala, the runners advance on a play that I must have missed. No, wait... there was a balk.

I do know that the purpose of the balk rule is to prevent the pitcher from deliberately befuddling the base runner (or occasionally the batter). Most basically, a pitcher is restricted to a certain set of motions and one of two basic pitching positions prior to and during a pitch; if these are violated, a balk is called.

More than this I cannot tell you. I can read the rule through and through and still, you're bound to get more out of a mime on the topic.

...But if you want to discuss Major League Balk Records then we can definitely do lunch together. Eli's Sports Bureau strives in the number crunching area:

  • Did you know the Major League record for career balks is held by Steve Carlton with 90?
  • Did you know that the record in a single season is held by Dave Stewart, who had 16 balks in 1988 while pitching for the Oakland Athletics?
  • Did you know that on May 17th, 2009, Mike " Little Talkin' Big Balkin' " Pelfrey balked 3 times in the span of 78 pitches? Not your typical balk in the park.
  • Did you know that on August 7th, 1984, Joe Hesketh, was called-up by the Montreal Expos and before he ever threw a single Major League pitch, umpires called a balk on him?
To be honest, I don't reckon you should think I'm crazy. I'm not the only one. Besides for the fact that most of the position players are clueless on the rules of the game (without even discussing the balk rule), even some umpires have struggled with rules, as well.

So any of you out there who care to explain it to me, go ahead, try. Cut and paste the rules from a Wiki and convince yourself you've done your share. You haven't. You can't. The day I learn exactly what the balk is will be the very same day I stop following the game of baseball.

Balk on that!

Around The Majors - 6th Edition

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"A whole week has passed and there is so much to talk about."

Sorta sounds like the first thing Grandma utters right when you walk into the house?

"Well, enough of the chit-chat; let's get down to business:"

That last sentence was Grandpa.


New York Mets: In 2006, the Mets had a 10 game road trip out west and they were victorious in 9 of them. In their first game back, the scoreboard in Shea stated, "Welcome Back Road Warriors." We might see the same writing in 7 games time. The Metsies have won 3 in a row to start their road trip and look for their 4th tomorrow when Big Pelf takes the mound against Matt Cain at 8:05 EST. This is the 2nd game this season and 3rd in under a year in which Pelfrey will be pitching in front of the entire country. The game will be televised on ESPN. As big as the audience watching - Pelfrey's performance's are just as tremendous under the spotlight.

New York Yankees: Winning their first 3 back at the stadium after a long road trip quiets all those asking for Joe Girardi's job. CC got the win yesterday, A-Rod hit a walk off home run today and things begin to look up in Whiffle Ball Park - besides the ball. Let's hope it doesn't last too long; we don't want to get their fans' hopes up, now do we?

Boston Red Sox: Struggling slugger David Ortiz was benched before a game against the Mariners this week. Manager Terry Francona said it's gonna last for a few games. Why bench the once feared slugger? The five-times All Star, dubbed "Big Papi," has been in an extended slump and has gone without a home run in 144 at-bats this season while batting just .208. Ortiz last homered on September 22 and is one at-bat away from tying the longest stretch of his career without a homer. Ortiz went 0-for-7 while tying a team-record with 12 stranded base runners on Thursday. Way to be, Little Papi.

Philadelphia Phillies: The World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies finally got their visit to the White House on Friday afternoon. (They were originally scheduled to visit on April 14 but that postponed after the death of longtime broadcaster Harry Kalas). President Barack Obama welcomed the players, coaches and other team officials, saying he and the Phillies have a lot in common. "And what an unbelievable run it was, full of come-from-behind wins by an underdog team that loved to prove the prognosticators wrong. We share something in common there because no one thought I was going to win either," Obama said. If the case, Obama should prepare to be whooped up on by the Mets this upcoming September.

San Diego Padres: The team waived right-hander Duaner Sanchez in one of seven roster moves for the slumping team. Sanchez, who was waived Friday for the purpose of giving him his unconditional release, was 1-1 with a 6.75 ERA in 11 games out of the bullpen. The Mets should send San Diego a note with the words, "WE TOLD YOU SO". In a blog post earlier this year, Eli From Brooklyn wrote about Duaner's taxi ride that ended it all. A great piece on the final chapters of a once promising pitcher.

Los Angeles Angels: Two pitches into his season debut, Angels right-hander John Lackey was ejected by the home-plate umpire on Saturday afternoon. Lackey's first pitch to Ian Kinsler was behind the Texas leadoff man, who homered twice in Friday night's series opener taken by the Rangers, 10-8. The second delivery by the 6-foot-6 right-hander caught Kinsler in the left side. The umpire immediately gave Lackey the heave-ho, bringing Angels manager Mike Scioscia racing out of the dugout. Talk about a quick entrance - quick exit. Wow.

Check back next week for another edition of Around The Majors where we'll be going through the Mets current 10 game winning streak at that time. Until then, see ya!

Climbing the Ladder to Leadership

Friday, May 15, 2009

It has arrived. Our leader.

Before the season began, I read an article that explained why it was Carlos Beltran's season to step up big. He was ready. If he can just put it all together...

And put it together he has.

Leadership has been described as the “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. Well, you can throw that definition out the window. If you want to know what a leader is and what exactly leadership means then you might want to check out number 15 on the New York Mets. This player hits like a mobster, runs like a nose with allergies and covers center field like a warm blanket. Carlos Beltran is being aggressive on the base paths -- stealing third for him is becoming a common sight in the late innings of games -- and like Ghandi said, "his actions speak louder than his words." Who knew Ghandi was a Mets fan?

A lot of talk has been made on the Phillies-Mets rivalry and how up until this season it was exciting to see who would state "we are the team to beat." But it never happened in 2009. Nobody claimed it. Well, the Phillies really didn't have to; they WERE the Champions. But maybe it's happening right now...

Carlos Beltran, with his play, is telling the Marlins, the Braves and the Phillies that the Mets are what to contend with. (Sorry Washington...give yourself a few years). Beltran hit an opposite-field double in the ninth tonight, with the game tied, then stole third and eventually scored the go-ahead run. According to WFAN analysts, Beltran saw from second base that the catcher wanted the off-speed pitch; he got it and so did Beltran. Although he appeared out when he slid it into the bag, the umpire called him safe.

Beltran stood up and happily wiped the dirt off his not-so-white pants. That's fine, as long as he knows that he signed an unwritten contract with his play the past few weeks; something he can't shake off.

Beltran, meet Leadership.

Jose, Jose, Jose, No Way!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As seen on Metstradamus:

So it's the bottom of the seventh on Wednesday afternoon, one man out, Jose Reyes on second, and Luis Castillo grounds one in the hole at short. Reyes tries to take third base on the play.

Jose Reyes ... of all people ... should know better than to try something that dumb. Reyes has made that play on baserunners tens of hundreds of times. Besides, you learn this in little league, that you don't advance when the play's in front of you. So why on Earth would Jose do this? I mean, people wonder why we get frustrated with the Mets. All the talent in the world, but sorry ... this team has a low baseball IQ. Has had a low baseball IQ for a while.

And it's starting to rub off on the fans. Look, I know it was a weekday afternoon game and there's a lot of kids in the crowd. And I'm not blaming the kids. But in the eighth inning, immediately after Kelly Johnson put the Braves in the lead off of J.J. Putz, what's the first thing that happens in the crowd? You guessed it ... an attempt from left field to do the wave.

How can we expect our team to play smart when our camp counselors are teaching young fans bad habits like the wave? This must stop, now.


In the latest edition of "Where's Ollie?", today Perez found a good way to stay in shape as he landed a part in the local production of "Billy Elliot the Musical." His habit of leaping over the foul line made him a natural fit for the part. Unfortunately, on the very leap you see above, Perez aggravated his patella tendon and will miss an additional two weeks.


Oh and a word of advice to Gangsta Manuel since the team is on its way to the west coast: If the phone should happen to ring at 3AM, and you didn't order room service ... just let it ring.


Let's just say that Putz should thank me for titling this post after his first name... and only his first name. is reporting that according to Kevin Burkhardt, JJ Putz says he’s having trouble getting extra life on his fastball in the eighth-inning role. Putz, who is known for his split finger fastball, has not really used his split finger this year and it really is a shame. It was the primary factor in why he had 40 saves with the Mariners in 2007.

For all those who are unfamiliar with the split finger and what exactly it does, let me explain. The "splitter" is thrown with the same arm motion as a normal fastball, but the adjusted grip causes it to behave quite differently. The ball appears to tumble in a knuckleball-like fashion; but it is much faster than a knuckleball. It is important not to touch any of the seams on the ball but rather you place your index and middle finger on the smooth part of the ball. Since these two fingers are off to the side of the ball, there is some slippage at release. This is desirable because it is this slippage that robs the ball of spin and causes it to run out of energy and dart randomly as it approaches the batter. A splitter will usually drop as it approaches the plate, and break to either the right or left.

The problem arises though when the opposing team is knocking it around like a whiffle ball. In other words, the splitter is not splitting. Now I'm not much of a pitching coach, nor am I doctor but they say that the splitter is very difficult to control and stressful on the arm. Hence, the reason many pitchers do not use it or bluntly, can't use it. The reason it is so stressful is that there is tension created in the upper arm as a result of the drastic split of the fingers. This has a tendency to lock the wrist up and prevents there from being any shock absorption at release.

Could it be that due to Putz's many appearances this year it has created stress on his arm causing him to rely on other pitches which frankly, don't make Putz - Putz?

Well, we all know one thing; if Putz keeps this up - he'll really earn his name in New York.

Waves of Somer

There are not many times in our lives when we meet someone absolutely special. There are even less amount of times that we ever meet that person at all.

Let me explain.

All of us have been in that particular situation. We're driving on the highway at night, it's late and there's no one really to call. The music aint appealing, there's nothing to eat and we find ourselves dead bored. With no choice at all, we turn on the radio and tune into Sports Radio; the place where nocturnals convene to discuss things that frankly, nobody in their family would give a darn to hear.

We begin to awaken. The world seems alive again. Who is this guy? How does he keep me up and interested in things (with more productiveness than 2 cans of Red Bull)? I'm sucked in. His personality spills through the airwaves and his words rings true in my ears. He's got a unique sense of humor, a nice size portion of wit, and a mouthful of tongue in cheek. Best of all, he's stamped as 100% Jewish and is qualified to be our very own and personal Radio Zaidy.

His name is Steve Somers.

Mr. Somers (although he says it's okay to call him Mr. Steve), as you probably know by now, is a Sports Radio Talk Show Host for WFAN and has been with the station since its inception in 1987. Nicknamed "The Shmoozer", Steve likes each and every listener as much as they are fond of him. He's a die hard Met fan who bleeds orange and blue, while his favorite color is black; everything he wears is black.(We'll forgive him for the fact that he roots for the Jets).

I must say that over the past year and a half that I have called him (and the many years of listening), I've come to learn that he is truly a voice to reckon with. Whether it's his loud and coarse laugh or his sharp and original sense of humor - you can always know that your in for a treat on weeknights from 10:00 - 1:00 AM. Never a bad word to say about anyone (excluding the Yankees and Islanders) - he is a gentleman on and off the air. I take everyone's words on the latter half of the previous sentence - I've never met him. Who says I ever will?

Bloggers everywhere got together tonight to discuss the theme of tonight's posts. We collectively decided on writing about "our hero". Superman, Joe DiMaggio and Moses were quickly chosen and I was the only one left without a decision. The group turned to me with bated breath to see whom I would choose as my favorite person of all time. I thought of a man who encompasses it all. A hero doesn't necessarily have to fly, achieve a 56 game hitting streak, nor does he have to split the sea. A hero is someone whom I believe can do it if he chose to.

My hero is Tony Paige.

Just kidding, Steve. You get my vote.

Now... the real reason I called was to discuss the 2009 Champions of Baseball - OUR New York Mets.

Santa? Na!

Monday, May 11, 2009

There comes a time in life when we must give back to those who have so gladly given to us. For example, Santa brings gifts to the homes of good children during the late evening and overnight hours on Christmas. How do we repay him? By leaving cookies and milk out to thank Santa for coming as far as he did (and that he graced us with his "presence").

But what if you don't leave him his milk and cookies? Will he stop coming? Will he stop bringing his best stuff?

There hasn't been a bar fight for miles as to who the best pitcher in baseball has so far been and that's for good reason. (No, Zack Greinke will bust). Johan Santana has averaged over 6 1/2 innings a game in his first 7 starts this season, as well as striking out 60 with a 0.78 ERA. The only problem is that on days the Mets have him on the mound they make it look as if he's the one pitching against them. The Mets have scored a total of 13 runs for him during the 7 games he's pitched (and conversely, he's given up a mere 6).

Santana can get more runs out of an ex-lax box.

Are the Mets leaning back on days that he pitches knowing that they don't need much to win the game? Well, perhaps they're leaning too far. Johan Santana is going to need his milk and cookies in the near future and the Mets should sure be ready to lean forward and serve him the way he so properly serves them.

UPDATE: Oh, and the Mets are NOT Santos-Intolerant.

Shea Is Back! Sorta.

Have you seen it?

According to reports everywhere, the old home plate from Shea Stadium has been embedded in to the pavement, in the parking lot, on the same plot of land where it rested Sept. 28, 2008. Joining the home plate, in which Beltran stood still at, are the other 3 bases and the pitcher's mound.

Some fans are dumbfounded as this has absolutely nothing to do with either the Giants or the Dodgers. Others are screaming that they NEED put up that kind of historical paraphernalia INSIDE CitiField, rather than relegate precious memories to the parking lot. (I say do both).

Then there are those individuals who say, "I don’t understand these people complaining about not having Mets paraphernalia inside the stadium. Do they not know that the Mets play in Citi Field? When I’m at the game, I’m watching the game. I don’t care what decorations they have in concourses or if their food tastes bad (it’s hot dogs and beer, how bad could it be?). Everyone should just stop complaining and enjoy the game."

And I agree. Fenway is practically all Green and they are the RED sox. How come this isn’t an issue for their fan base? Who cares about the colors; we want to see results!

For the heck of it, I'd love to see Shane Victorino attempt to steal second (in the parking lot) only to be mowed down by a Jeep Wrangler coming the other way. Now, that would be something to see...

7th Heaven - How Sweep It Is!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey, Momma, look what I can do!

Entering into Sunday's game, the Mets looked to do what they do best on Mother's day - win. The Metropolitans had won 7 Mother Day games in a row leading up to this year's game and were looking to add onto that streak with a win against the Pirates. A current 6 game winning streak was on the line, as well.

The Mets sure made Momma proud.

Livan Hernandez survived a shaky start to go six innings and the team welcomed manager Jerry Manuel back from his one-game suspension with a pink bat hitting parade and an 8-4 victory over the Pirates (who have now lost 8 in a row, thanks to the Mets and Brewers).

The Pros

  • The Mets scored not only in the 4th inning but they blew the game open with four more runs in the eighth in a rally capped by Carlos Beltran’s double to left. It's good to see the Mets bats coming to life at different times in the same game. This is something that they have improved on as we get further into the season.
  • Pedro Feliciano made his 17th appearance of the season with a scoreless seventh, as did J.J. Putz with a scoreless eighth.
  • Jose Reyes had his third straight multi-hit game, picking up a hustle double in the third and a single in the seventh. It's safe to say that he is out of his slump. He also made a couple of nice defensive plays, including an outstanding throw from the hole in the fourth (which I predicted will be seen on ESPN Baseball Tonight's Web Gems).
  • Daniel Murphy appears to be growing a beard. According to Jewish Religion, starting from the 2nd day of Passover and counting 33 days, the Jewish Law forbids haircuts, shaving, listening to live instrumental music, or conducting weddings, parties, and dinners with dancing. Murphy is keeping the "no haircuts" aspect but is transgressing the "no parties" law. He's really living it up in Flushing these days. (His lawyer requests that we emphasize that he is NOT Jewish and that this is Eli's feeble attempt at a joke).

The Cons

  • The Mets are in perfect position to break my heart again. At this pace they'd burn themselves out by September. Need I say more?
  • Sean Green once again did not look so great, walking the first batter he faced in the ninth then allowing a two-run bomb to Nate McLouth. He settled down to get the next three hitters and finish the game. Back in the clubhouse, Green called Aaron Heilman for some sagely guidance. Aaron told him to just "run". Too bad Aaron had what to do with "run" too. He gave up tons of 'em.

The game ball goes to all the fathers/husbands out there who said, "pink does not make you look fat, Dear."

Around The Majors - 5th Edition

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Welcome back to Around The Majors. A place where people all around the world come to find out what has been happening in baseball cities other than their own. What better time to do this than right now... the day the Mets sit atop the NL East.

And with this - we begin.

New York Mets: 6 in a row and jinxing counting. Nothing can stop us now! The Mets, who according to Eli's Sports Bureau are playing like it's 2006, are winning and winning big. In Saturday's game the Mets clobbered the Triple A Pirates for 10 runs on 17 hits leading to their 6th straight victory (a record for Citi Field - no need to confirm that...take my word for it) and look for their 7th in a row, as well as a series sweep, when Livan Hernandez faces Ian Snell on Sunday at 1:10 PM. Mr. Met has been seen smiling more and launching t-shirts quicker and farther than in the beginning of the season, which is always a good sign.

Philadelphia Phillies: The 2nd place Phillies sit .5 games back behind the first place Mets (who by the way have won 6 games in a row and look for their 7th as they face the Pirates...okay, okay, I'll spare you my giddiness). The Phils lost to the Braves in Citizens Bank Park on Saturday with Atlanta's Javier Vazquez allowing two runs and four hits, striking out seven in 7 2/3 innings. "Anytime you win here is a good win," Vazquez said. And Eli From Brooklyn says, "Yes, Javier, a Phillies loss always makes for a good win. Yes, indeed."

And just to mesh these two teams together (literally) - our friends at Amazin' Avenue show us how it is possible to pick up the field in Citizens Bank Park and drop it nicely into Citi Field (with room to spare).

Citi Field has proven to be every bit the homerun graveyard we thought it might be. On the other hand, Citizen's Bank Park continues to produce homeruns at an alarming rate.

No need to wonder why.

Los Angelese Dodgers: Was I the only one who didn't want Manny? Fine, I wanted him but Omar didn't and that's all that matters. Manny Ramirez was suspended for for violating Major League Baseball’s drug policy as he was attempting to put the "man" back in Manny (see which drug he used) and got caught doing it. If he was smart he'd blame it on "Cousin Yuri".

Calgary Vipers: Who? The Vipers, who play in the independent Golden Baseball League, said it was prepared to offer a contract to Manny while he sits out his 50 game suspension. No word from Scott Boras, his agent.

Boston Red Sox: On Thursday, the Sox tied a modern major-league record and set an American League mark with 12 runs against Cleveland before making an out in an inning. On Friday, five batters scored before an out was made in the sixth. For some reason, the recent year's Sox look much like the 90' Yankees. Am I the only one?

New York Yankees: A-Rod returned. The ball he hit did not. The first pitch that Alex Rodriguez saw Friday night found its way over the wall for a 3-0 Yankee lead on Baltimore. His return 27 games into the season seemed refreshing for a team that had lost 5 consecutive games leading up to it. If only the Yanks can get they're starting pitching in tact...

In other news... Florida's right-hander Anibal Sanchez (sprained right shoulder) was placed on the 15-day D.L. Philadelphia's Cole Hamels pitched six impressive innings to earn his first win since the World Series on Friday Night. He was hampered by a series of injuries earlier this season. Dontrelle Willis rejoined his Detroit teammates for the first time since going on the disabled list because of an anxiety disorder in spring training. Willis is scheduled to start for the Tigers in Minnesota on Wednesday.

Oh, and the Mets won 6 in a row.

Eli From Brooklyn - In Flushing!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today is a day that will be remembered forever. By me, at least. Tonight will be the first time I ever experience a Mets game in Citi Field and I'm hoping for a dandy. The weather calls for rain starting at 10:00 PM but hopefully, it will remain dry and more importantly, we'll be able to get the W. Come along with me while I live blog my way through the game...

Did I mention this is the first ever Mets-Phillies game in Citi Field? Yeah, no biggy.

Here goes!

7:25 AM: I wake up groggy. "Rain again?", I silently scream inside my head, "you've got to be kidding me!" What made the situation even worse was the fact that it was a Wednesday and every Wednesday night I had to sit through 4 plus hours of college. "Lord, help me," I prayed as I rolled over to sleep some more.

7:31 AM: Bzzzz. Bzzzz. (Silence) Who invented the snooze button? Genuis.

7:32 AM: Bzzzz. Bzzzz. How is my phone alarm ringing again? It's only been a minute. Geez. I look at the screen on my phone; it reads: "The boys are goin to the game tonight, you in?"

8:34 AM: Dang, I dozed. I wipe away the drool from the side of my mouth and respond to my Early-Bird-and-Worm-Eating friend, "The Rangers and Knicks are not in contention. Football is in hibernation. The Yankees are more boring than watching paint dry... Heck, yeah, I'm in. Let's get our Citi on!"

7:45 AM: I hate when that happens. I dreamt a reply. I quickly jot down a response, "you bet I'm coming, let's leave in an hour" and my day begins to look up...

2:21 PM: Just got mustard on a new shirt. Couldn't care less. Nothing can phase me today.

3:15 PM: Mom just made me change my shirt. What the heck? (Right, right, relaxed...)

4:10 PM: 3 hours to game time! Just changed my pants since I wet the originals in excitement.

4:47 PM: I call Simon (for the 4th time) to make sure the tickets are printed out. They remain printed (since the 3rd phone call).

5:11 PM: "Shouldn't we leave? What if there's traffic? Is it the same directions as to Shea? Yeah, it's next door. Focus, Eli, focus." I begin to panic.

6:15 PM: We leave to Citi Field. Hallellujah!

6:19 PM: We go back to the house to get the tickets. A minute later we leave, again. (Play this line over 3 times due to a bathroom being needed, someone forgetting their lucky glove and a moment of OCD where we weren't sure if we locked the door to the house....We did).

6:43 PM: Traffic on the Van Wyck. We're freaking out. A light drizzle begins. Cant. Even. Speak. Properly.

6:53 PM: WeChooseToDo80MphInTheEmergencyLane

7:02 PM: 18 dollars for parking? I guess the recession didn't hit Queens.

7:10 PM: The first pitch from Johan. Our location? Outside. "Where are the other guys? Les'go!"

7:12 PM: The Rotunda, I realize, is just a big room with escalators, a giant "42", and a compilation of Jackie Robinson pictures. Whoopty Woo.

7:13 PM: They're giving out free Mets visors (since it's going to be sunny on a rainy night). Who cares? It's free. This is starting out great already...

7:15 PM: Run to the john. I don't think I ever thought a urinal was something I would admire. I was wrong.

7:19 PM: Just sat down in our seats. There are no cushions. Strike 1 on Citi.

7:26 PM: A guy (with a head the size of Mr. Met) sits down in front of me. He begins to religiously fill out his score sheet. (If there was a nerd alert siren in the new ballpark then it would be ringing LOUDLY right now). He takes out a number 2 eraser.

7:48 PM: Johan just walked Chan Ho Park. I'm not sure if my view is obstructed. Would Johan actually do that? Must be part of his plan.

7:49 PM: It's so hard to pay attention to the game when you're trying to take everything in. (I miss Shea)..

7:53 PM: Okay, I just got really ticked off. It was 2 strikes on a batter with 2 outs in the inning and Santana was a strike away from putting the inning to bed. You think people besides us would stand up? I was hoping to scream, "Corporate guy, down in front", but alas, the circumstance never arose. Shame on the Wine Drinkers.

Here is the moment right before Santana did get the strikeout to end the inning:

Maybe they were all Philly fans? Nah.

7:56 PM: This crowd is quieter than a nursery during nap time. Are we playing at a neutral site? Speaking of that, if the Mets weren't batting in the bottom half of every inning then I wouldn't know it was their home field. Put up a sign, Wilpon!

8:00 PM: The score remains 0-0. Wow, a pitching duel between the two best pitchers in baseball. Or what the Mets make it seem.

8:06 PM: Just called my friend, Wario, on the other side of the park. Oh, I didn't use a phone. I just raised my voice.

8:25 PM: Delgado just caught a foul ball using BOTH of his hands this time. The crowd went wild. Lol. Hysterical. He tipped his hat sarcastically to the crowd. Classic.

8:37 PM: Just met Kevin Burkhardt! I tell him, "Oh, u were up at 4 this morning!" He's like, "Huh?" I yell: "I follow your twitter feed!" Kevin: "LOL, thanks!"

8:38 PM: I run to tell my friends who I met. Mind you, he's about 6"5.

8:39 PM: I wonder to myself how Burkhardt gets his hands to be so soft. How cool that I met him?

8:46 PM: So far the most exciting seconds in the scoreless game was when Mr. Met launched a T-shirt into the sleeping man in front of me. Hits him square in the belly and causes his score sheet to fall into beer. His pencil remains dry.

8:54 PM: Johan Santana just flew out to the warning track. And I thought it was a "Pitcher's Park". (Wink Wink)

9:00 PM: Did Zack Greinke put on a Chan Ho Park jersey and pitch for the Phillies tonight? One hit for each team after 6 innings... Not normal.

9:02 PM: Daniel Murphy just caught a ball at the track. The entire crowd collectively held their breath to see if it would stay in his glove. Even the corporate guys peered over their blackberries to take a look.

9:15 PM: Delgado just scored in slow motion! In what seemed to be about a minute and a half, he ran from first to home to give the Mets a 1-0 lead on the 3rd error of the game by the Phillies. WE GO NUTS.

9:16 PM: We were just on the Jumbotron jumping up and down after Delgado scored. Mmm. Like a kid in an empty candy shop with a sale going on. How sweet it is!

9:34 PM: End of the 8th. Corporate folks have left. It seems much louder now.

9:38 PM: My neck begins to hurt because I need to turn my head to see the scoreboard. The ogre's head in front of me is not helping the situation.

9:40 PM: Going into the top of the 9th, the big screen showed available relievers. One of them? Oliver Perez. That's the first and last time we might see that. He's on the DL with a hurt (right or left?) knee now.

9:46 PM: The Mets win! The Mets win! Jonathan wonders if this will be a Met Classic one day. (Hey, if we got on the Jumbotron then you can bet that it's a classic)...

9:50 PM: Picture time! After 6 failed attempts, we finally get the "Citi Field" in the background.

9:52 PM: I sign autographs for all the fans who hear me on the radio and for the one's who read my blog daily.

9:53 PM: I continue to convince myself that 9:52 was actually real. It was not.

9:57 PM: Citi Security begins to sweep the place for stragglers. I cry to them because someone swiped my visor. Jerks.

10:00 PM: As predicted by, it began raining at 10:00 exactly. By then, the Mets are back in the clubhouse with a W in their pocket.

As I sit here tonight, still wearing my Mets cap, I ponder on why the Mets shut the Phillies out, had dominant pitching, and henceforth, won the game. Jerry Manuel did make some nice calls that turned out to look brilliant but it seemed like it was something more that effected the outcome of this game. I start to think that maybe it wasn't something (or someone) on the field that made the difference...maybe their good luck charm sat 21 rows up along the first base side on field level...maybe this someone was all the Mets needed to keep their heads in the game and focus on what is important RIGHT NOW...maybe the Mets don't need an edge....

After all, maybe all the Mets need