Chew on this, Fox

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This World Series will feature an interesting dynamic any way you cut it:

Phillies vs. Angels: Scott Kazmir will see the same team he saw last year in the World Series, except he'll be doing it from a different jersey. Similarly, Bobby Abreu will face his old team, too.

Phillies vs. Yankees: Mets fan are loving this one. Can both teams lose? Also, as MetsWFAN wrote on Twitter, "If Yanks-Phils WS, would be an interesting Nov. 1 in Philly: Giants-Eagles at Linc; Yanks-Phils Game 4 at CBP." The Mets/Jets fan is exuberant over this idea. Too bad, A-Rod can't face the injured Jamie Moyer and exact his revenge.

Yankees vs. Dodgers: Joe Torre looks familiar, doesn't he? Torre returns to the Bronx on the biggest stage in baseball, while Manny Ramirez looks to terrorize Bomber fans in a Dodgers jersey. The Wilpons have their Brooklyn Dodger caps ready.

Dodgers vs. Angels: Two hometown teams battle it out for their city/state's pride, as well as bragging rights. Think of the Subway Series on TMZ. 2 stars. 2 different teams. 2 people in desperate need of a haircut.

Mets fans, fret not, as mentioned on Twitter, the "Mets won as many playoff games as Cards, Twins and Sox combined. Not bad."

Memo to SI: Please don't even mention us in the press room when deciding on your 2010 predictions. Thanks.

Julio Franco Jr.?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TBS shows this video to promote Albert Pujols and baseball:

...Mets fans will see Albert do "everything" when he's 46 and winds up in Queens with his then .156 OBP...

Jose, Jose, Oy-Vey!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

With news that Jose Reyes will most likely need surgery on his torn hamstring, experts everywhere are wondering how exactly his hammy was injured during a routine running drill.

Well, with the Mets being on the road and all, the lights were out at Citi Field and I managed to sneak in and shoot this video of our shortstop in action.

I apologize in advance for the poor lighting.

Yup. That oughta tear anyone's hamstring.

Welcome to the Playoffs

Although the you-know-who's are not in the playoffs (no, not the Pirates), it's time we all find "that team" we secretly will root for when we plop ourselves down on the couch for a good 3 hours each night. The Yanks? The Phils? The Cards? The Braves? Ah, sorry Atlanta.

Whomever it may be - and choose wisely, don't want to lose an eye - I wish you much luck and prosperity. Either way, just thank the good Lord that you won't see this piece in every other commercial:

Frank-ly, I couldn't care less.

The End of My Somer ... with Steve

Last night, on my 3 week wedding anniversary, I felt it was only appropriate to call my good ol' pal, Steve Somers, to check in with him and for the first time since I received my wedding ring. Might I mention, this is the only ring I'll be receiving this year. Thanks a lot, Metsies.

Anyways without further ado, I give you, "The Call":

Come over anytime you want, Stevie, the door is always open.

Thanks, Radio Zaidy!

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