Some Quick MLB Clips For Ya

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Nationals are having a wonderful season and with Stephen Strasburg on the way, it's only going to get better. But Saturday, although Washington beat the Reds 5-1, they took a little beating of their own.

Nationals reliever Miguel Batista was ejected after hitting Brandon Phillips, who was involved in an earlier play at the plate when he literally POUNDED Washington Catcher Wil Nieves.

Right before Phillips plated the Reds only run of the day, Washington's Manager, Jim Riggleman, was ejected for arguing a play at third base in the top of the eighth inning. The ump ruled that Nats SS, Ian Desmond, interefered with the runner, Brandon Phillips, and Phillips should be awarded the base. Here's the play, what do you think?

How great does Dontrelle Willis look in this clip? Willis shut out the Rockies over 6 innings in his Diamondbacks debut? D-Train's fastball looked nasty and he even had no problem sliding head-first into home plate.

...well, consider the last 5 minutes of your life useful... by the way, did you see where Jim Joyce was looking when he called Jason Donald safe to break up Lady Galarraga's perfect bid...