Steal-y More-ti and B-ed Cold-man

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ever notice how Sweeny Murti is on WFAN a whole lot more than Ed Coleman these days? Now, I do know, or so it seems, that the Mets, as a topic, are discussed more on WFAN than the Yankees are, but it did strike me as odd that Murti is on with hosts more often, dishing out clips for 20/20's at night, while Coleman, who is getting older, is sort-of slowing down and, perhaps, not contributing as much as he should or could.

How's that for a run-on sentence?

Either way, it's a thought and now it's yours to keep.
Also, props to Murti for the work, but it still doesn't give him the right to use a tweet from a fan without giving credit.
Murti, who was on the Evan Roberts today, when discussing AJ Burnett, said, 'People should expect Good AJ and Bad AJ, but hope he's better more often.'

That's funny, because I vaguely remember this yesterday:

Using someone else's material without giving credit is becoming ever so popular these days. the way, Murti is turning 40 in August, while Coleman was born in 1949...


Ceetar said...

People treat Twitter much as word of mouth and just chatter, and it's flowing nature and lack of a real history.

But yeah, at least paraphrase the idea. Not that this nyillini311 person is original. We've been speaking of Oliver Perez this way for years.

MetsFanInDallas said...

i never thought coleman contributed as much insight and good analysis as someone in the locker room daily should.

Joe Petruccio _ Art That Rocks said...

I have noticed that Coleman has been drawing the short stick. This is your moment baby...Get in there!!!!

Your Newest #1 Fan

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Lol, thanks, Joe!

Dallas... I totally agree.

Joe, thanks again!!!! :) :)