The Mets and Twitter

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

At about 7:45 PM, Monday night, I noticed a Twitter account by the name of NewYorkMets tweeting (as it was showing up in my "Search: Mets" box).

Now, I have checked in the past and this account was "hogged" by a fan who didn't do much with it. Either that or the Mets took it, but waited a long time to use it.

I quickly followed them - I was their 76th follower.

At that time, they were following 14 people. This number at the end of the night rose to 19. The next morning it dropped to 0.

Here's a shot of the account before it had even 100 followers:

The account now has over 2,000 followers.

Whether the account is run by a nerdy intern with braces and plastic glasses is beyond me, but what I do know is that someone somewhere had a change of mind. It's possible a higher-up told this "nerdy intern" that by following others (such as @MetsPolice and @TheRopolitans who ranked as the 18th and 19th followee, respectively) the Mets are unintentionally promoting the work of bloggers, but who is to know?

Matthew Cerrone of did mention in week's past that the Mets were a bit afraid to begin using Twitter for whatever reason, but we're approaching the idea slowly. Well, within 2 weeks the Mets we're involved in the Twitterverse.

@MLB is following over 10,000 people, but then again, MLB (although affiliated with the Mets, of course) does not have the same issues as the Mets. The Mets have the right to be afraid. Heck, guys ripping off their shirts and PR mistake after PR mistake would make me think the Mets would never want to voluntarily put themselves out there, but I guess, they felt the need (based on the fans' wants) to conform.

The Mets, who began their website in 1999, were the last Major League Baseball team to begin a website. I am unsure if they were the last team to create a Twitter account, but it's refreshing to see an official Mets account in the Twitterverse, while sharing interesting information and tidbits with its followers.

Now, if we can only get them to interact...

Nerdy Intern, I'm looking at you.


Anonymous said...

Twitter is for mindless twits.