The Mets New Center Fielder

Friday, April 2, 2010

I didn't think it would have to come down to this.

We, as Mets fans, endure much too much criticism, hardship and injury. Players go down like flies, and as fans, there isn't much we can really do about it. Until now.

After a lengthy talk with @FakeFredWilpon, I decided to put my talent on display at the first ever @JoeAndEvan Twitter Baseball Game this past Sunday.

FakeFred said, "I'll be watching, Eli. Look for the black limo in the parking lot. I'll be in the Jeep Wrangler behind it."

Inspired to do what I was born to do, I, along with some other hopeful Mets fans, represented the team from Queens, as we went up against the Yankee fans in a duel that most would describe as, "Seriously pathetic."

To make a long story longer, we lost 9-6, even with the leadoff hitter going 3-6 with 2 runs, 1RBI, and 2 outfield assists. Me.

Manager/Mascot/LHP Evan Roberts even declared, "Despite our loss I would like to name @EliFromBrooklyn as our team MVP...dude played strong defense in center and was a good lead off hitter." Stop, you're too kind.

I know I'm bragging, but I'm doing so for good reason.

Later that day, I received a call from @FakeFredWilpon telling me that he was quite impressed with my performance that day and I was getting the call up. I, Eli Quincy Sr. FromBrooklyn, will be replacing Angel Pagan on the Mets' Opening Day Roster.

As they did with Jason Bay and all the new big Mets players, I was asked to smile in Citi's Center Field today to help increase Mets Ticket Sales. Rumor has it the team has already sold 3 semi-brown level ticket packages after the word was released early this morning.

And you thought fans were helpless.