Predictions, Predictions, Predictions

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Everyone's gotta, right?

Keeping it short and sweet, I'll pick my division winners, along with laying out some other little tidbits that happen to be channeling it's way through the crevices of my brain.

AL East: This one's easy... the Yanks. The Red Sox have gotten considerably older (besides for the fact that everyone has grown one year older) and the Rays will hinder the Sox success.

AL Central: How can you not like the Twins? Although look for a stellar year out of J.J. Putz being that he is healthy this year.

AL West: People have been selling the Angels short this year, as will I. I'm going with the Mariners, even with Cliff Lee starting the season hurt.

The AL Wildcard? Gimme the Sox. (White or Red? Red.)

NL East: The Braves will be considerably better, while the Marlins will continue to be that pesky little club. The Nationals begin their ascend from the bottom, while the Mets will look elsewhere for some starting pitching. The Phillies take the division, although their bullpen will be their biggest (and most obvious) weakness.

NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals. Big story this year? Pujols and HGH. Hey, a man can dream, right?

NL West: The weakest division in baseball has the Rockies on top when all is played and done. The Padres end with the worst record in the NL, while the Giants and Dodgers make a run for the Wild Card; a futile run.

The NL Wildcard? The Brewers, Braves, Marlins and Dodgers will be fighting for a spot. A one-game playoff between the Brewers and Dodgers will end with the Brewers snatching the final spot.

Some other random thoughts: Nick Evans is given his unconditional release. Jenrry Mejia legally changes his name so bloggers everywhere don't have to google it every time. Mike Pelfrey puts it together and wins 13+. Ruben Tejada shows some real promise this year, although he will start at 2B on Opening Day 2011. Fernando Tatis has an even worse year than last year. The Mets will not be good, but last year was last year. Look for the team to be a little better than .500, while Jerry Manuel is let go AFTER the season is over. Johan struggles in the first half of the season, but ends with 15 wins. K-Rod has a below-average year. David Wright ends with 23 homeruns. Dan Warthen is fired by the All-Star break. Mike Pelfrey leads the league in licks. Oliver Perez ends the season with 8 wins, but is just god-awful at times. John Maine actually pitches into the 6th inning. Once. Jonathan Niese also ends the season with 8 W's. Carlos Beltran returns from injury and has an MVP-caliber year. Jeff Francoeur? A lot of strikeout's, but has a gold-glove year and is in the running for a spot in the All-Star game. Castillo ends season with .276 BA, but has his season ended in August due to injury. Murphy plays AAA after the break. Pedro Feliciano gets smoked and often. Omar Minaya stays on-board throughout the entire season. The Wilpons still own the team after 2010. I remain a Mets fan.