Steve Somer's Owes Me A Pizza

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Okay, so this next post has nothing to do with baseball - sue me.

During the winter, when the Mets were a bad memory recall away, we all watched with bated breaths as our 2nd favorite sport's teams battled it out for the very few playoff spots that there are in football. Needless to say, I'm not cursed twice-over as are many New Yorkers (the Mets AND the Jets?!) since I am, yes, I've got enough guts to say it, a Dolphins fan.

To make a long story longer, as Mr. Steve Somers (the Jets fan) often says, my favorite radio host and I had a small bet one fine snowy night:

Where is that pizza "with all the toppings"? Why haven't I received this delectable treat? Am I being too cheesy?

Let's just say: The Man in the Black Sweater is going to be receiving another phone call quite soon...

The only question is: does he deliver?


Adam said...

You technically get an entire pie since he wanted you to get one for his entire crew... I think he has about 50 people there on a given night... Enjoy the 50 slices, Eli.

wario said...

the mets should try the wild cat, you never know

Eli From Brooklyn said...