Chew on this, Fox

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This World Series will feature an interesting dynamic any way you cut it:

Phillies vs. Angels: Scott Kazmir will see the same team he saw last year in the World Series, except he'll be doing it from a different jersey. Similarly, Bobby Abreu will face his old team, too.

Phillies vs. Yankees: Mets fan are loving this one. Can both teams lose? Also, as MetsWFAN wrote on Twitter, "If Yanks-Phils WS, would be an interesting Nov. 1 in Philly: Giants-Eagles at Linc; Yanks-Phils Game 4 at CBP." The Mets/Jets fan is exuberant over this idea. Too bad, A-Rod can't face the injured Jamie Moyer and exact his revenge.

Yankees vs. Dodgers: Joe Torre looks familiar, doesn't he? Torre returns to the Bronx on the biggest stage in baseball, while Manny Ramirez looks to terrorize Bomber fans in a Dodgers jersey. The Wilpons have their Brooklyn Dodger caps ready.

Dodgers vs. Angels: Two hometown teams battle it out for their city/state's pride, as well as bragging rights. Think of the Subway Series on TMZ. 2 stars. 2 different teams. 2 people in desperate need of a haircut.

Mets fans, fret not, as mentioned on Twitter, the "Mets won as many playoff games as Cards, Twins and Sox combined. Not bad."

Memo to SI: Please don't even mention us in the press room when deciding on your 2010 predictions. Thanks.