S.I. = Stop It!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Being a Mets fan, can you blame me for not wanting to sit there on the couch and watch a World Series game featuring 2 teams which in on-your-block terms would equate to 2 very annoying (and wealthy) (and successful) (and uhh) neighbors? I didn't think so.

So off the couch I got and I waddled (yeah, it's been a long weekend, #Nachos #Burgers #MoreNachosAndBurgers) to my desk to clean out what my wife calls, "If Mess met Mrs. Mess and they had a Kid Mess....". Yeah, it wasn't pretty.

Unfortunately for me, I had left the TV on in the other room and I was able to hear Joe Buck and Tim McCarver fantasize about, er, call Jayson Werth's first home run of the night. Great... Now I had 2 chores on my hands. 1) Organizing and trashing piles of papers and magazines large enough to rebuild whatever that California Forest Fire destroyed back in the summer... and 2) Toning out the Philly Phanatics on FOX.

Towards the end of my task (A.K.A. - 3 hours and 23 paper cuts later), I saw IT. No, not a proper health care proposal. I'm referring to "The Headline." That which caused this all to happen. The Magazine. The Curse. The... the-e... the... THING!

After much profanity, I tossed it into the empty "Burn and throw ashes in ocean" pile and thought, "Aha, good riddance to that memory."

But, somewhere, not too far away, (12 feet to be exact), I heard those voices again; the voices of 2 crooked men struggling to come to terms with the fact that a nearly $1 billion team from the other side of New York had pulled out yet another victory

As I stared at David Wright atop the pile - I began to scream along with him.

...Eli From Brooklyn is survived by his 3 year old dog, Endy, a half used Tissue Box, and a blog post which predicted this all to be...


Kyle Jackier said...

A classic... Welcome back, Eli.

Mike Van Goddenhopper said...

Well done. Next year will be a good one... :)