Heads Up!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

On December 21st, 2009, Sporting News put out their weekly magazine and, as usual, Troy Aikman was an author of an article within.

Before I criticize Mr. Aikman - I'll allow you to read what I read:

...Feel free to click on it to get a clearer view...

Aikman claims that 'through his career, he suffered seven or eight concussions, but there have been no long term effects.'

"No long term effect"? What do you consider "long term?" You're 43 years old, Troy. Who is to say that at 51 your brain will be working the way it would have been without the "7 or 8 concussions?"

Chris Nowinski, a former World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler who was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, said "We're finding 10 or 20 years after players stop playing football the thousands of hits to the head they've taken have started a degenerative process that's killing brain cells."

Research well done, Ache-man.


Mike J. said...

Valid point. Stick to QB'ing, Troy.

Bill Crosby said...

He never really seemed intelligent. His QB rating was always higher than his IQ.

Jason Pozarowski said...

We Troy gets a crystal ball and is able to see into the future I'll let you guys know. He can only speak for how he feels now....still bitter after all these years, huh boys??

Eli From Brooklyn said...

So why is he telling the NFL how to behave based on "information which is not fully nutured?"