My Take on the 2010 Mets

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's that time of year again.

The day we have all anticipated - only to realize yet again, that it means nothing

Pitchers and Catchers are reporting, or in the Mets case: Catchers and Catchers.

Understocked in the throwing department, overstocked behind the plate, and with enough Japanese players to have post-game sushi each day, the Mets are ready to roll. (There is a pun on roll & sushi but it is your call if you want to activate it.)

The Mets promised they'd make moves, but I guess they weren't referring to adding or subtracting players. Whether it's the construction of the new Mets' Hall of Fame (Museum), the renovation of Citi Field's bullpen area, the lowering of the Center Field wall, the painting of the stairwells' orange, the proposed Mascot Race during home games - the Wilpons and Company are busy.

Technically, one can deem the bullpen renovation and wall-lowering as on-field moves if he or she is desperate. I choose not to.

"What about the Bay signing?" the critics shout. "Isn't that good for something?"

Well, I guess so, but fans believe, understand and know that the Jason Bay deal was done, and only done, for ticket sales. It is a tad unfair since how can anyone prove that the Wilpons acted mainly with ulterior motive, but the proof is in the food-poisoned pudding. The Mets feature on their website a video starring Jason Bay, with the caption, "The Mets believe they have what it takes this season, so log on to for ticket package plans." Translation: We got who you wanted, now can you buy tickets? Geez.

Sitting on the train today, I was lucky enough to be near a Pirates fan and Nationals fan who were both arguing as to who had the better team going into 2010. It began getting a tad awkward, so I improvised. I told them, "I'm a Mets fan, can you please both stop?"

They consoled me until I got off the train.

It's tough these days to root for a team you can't change, put up with incompetent and money-hungry upper management, and watch season after season how the latter mishandles the injuries of the former.

I believe in comebacks. I believe in winning. And most importantly, I believe in change.

Let's Go Mets!


YanksBoy said...

The Mets win 84 games, end up in 2nd place, and this town will go nuts.

An improved season, but wanting it all way too quickly.

Calm down, Mets fans. Breathe a little.

Besides, come check out the Yankees trophy if you want a day to chill.

Anonymous said...

YanksBoy...just go away.