Remembering 2009; then forgetting it

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's February, it's cold and there is no baseball to be seen. Unless you count 2009 Mets Highlights. Yeah, believe it or not, there were actually some.

Clicking on this link will allow you to explore (let it roll by itself) the high's of the 2009 Metropolitan season, even if some of them will make you scratch your head.

The sweep of the Astros to end the season? HUGE!


wario said...

I actually cant beleive that Billy wagners return to the Mets is not on that list!!

That was the loudest i heard that stadium all season long!

Please revise the list

The managment

JJ said...

Comical. But not as much as this:
h/t u prob saw it but u shud post it too.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

I posted about the calendar, JJ, a few weeks ago :)



JJ said...

I'm not talking about the calendar, read that question. It's high on the unintentional comedy scale.