A-Fraud? A-Bore

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hands down, February has got to be the most boring month in sports. Ever wonder why it's the shortest month? Bingo. The media is just waiting for something to spill, leak, or mildly present itself. Anything.

·Bob Costas joined The MLB Network!? Wow. (Um, who cares exactly besides Bob's family?).
·He said WHAT by the Pro Bowl!? Scandalous! (Uh, the Pro Bowl WAS already?).
·The Gaytona 300 is going be very competitive this year. (Right, and I love visiting my Grandma).

Come on, Sports People, who are you fooling? "We want the good stories," I was forced to wish to the Sports Gods one night last week, "Where are the real JUICY stories? Let us have it!"

Someone up there sure has a sense of humor because "juicy" is what I got. A little too much juice.

Alexander the Great has become Alexander the Not So Great.

Now this is all fine and dandy if Sports Talk Radio did what they were supposed to do. "Talk" about the issue. But when Sports Talk Radio becomes Sports Beat-It-To-Death-Radio, it kind of makes me wonder why they don't take the month off and play music instead.
If Joe Torre's book was a breath of fresh air to the media, then A-Rod's story is a box of breath mints and a full week's stay in front of an air conditioner.

But that is the problem. A discussion on steroids for another two weeks (minimum)? I don't know if I can handle that! Mr. Mitchell wore us out last year with the whole HGH/Steroid issue and ever since; I squirm every time someone mentions the word "juice". "Apple juice?, Sir," "Um, no thanks, I'll pass."

Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike the discussion of performance enhancing drugs for the reason that my heroes are turned to zeros with just one sneaky reporter's information leakage, but rather because I fear another boring, tail-chasing, lie-making, steroid-spanking discussion about things we've been hearing about non-stop for possibly one too many February's.

In other words, bring on baseball already!