Luke-Warm Stove Edition

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Miracle on the Hudson? It will be a miracle if the Mets get Hudson. Sometimes I think that we are treading deeper water then the 155 people aboard Flight 1549. (If only Captain Sully would be in Omar’s shoes navigating us to the Promised Land, now wouldn’t that be something special?). Why are we all frantic about what is stationed at second base? Rumor has it that Luis Castillo is in the best shape he has been in in the past 5 years! Let’s hope that “shape” isn’t round. All joking aside and no offense to Mr. Castillo, anyone who went to high school with El Duque is not my ideal choice as a second baseman.

Continuing in our frustration, we’ve all come to live with the fact that the Mets are not interested in one of the Top 10 sluggers of all time. Manny Ramirez is asking for too much money? He is a clubhouse risk? Okay, if you say so. But does it make a difference that 95% of the Mets fan base wants the homerun slugging, hall of faming, in cash I’m bathing, all-star? Apparently not.

When it comes down to it, we can’t really complain because it is not us fans who are spending the money….or is it?

Leaving aside the argument that the fans are the ones paying the entrance fee in order to watch the game, it seems that their wallets are affected in other areas, as well. For example, the folks from Citigroup, while accepting my tax money and your tax money, are shoveling $400 million to the Mets over the next 20 years for naming rights to their new ballpark. So our money will indirectly help pay the exorbitant contract of second baseman Luis Castillo and other disasters.

So let me get this straight. The fans are indirectly paying (literally) for the contractual blunders of the Met’s management and still, they have no say in the matter? No wonder the baseball gods have been mean to the Mets in the past few years. Unless, you have a better way to explain the odd happenings that have taken place the last 3 seasons. Collapses and heartbreak 101.

Swing, Beltran, Swing.

Happy Flushing!