Ruin my World, Baseball Classic.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Question: Why is the World Baseball Classic played mere weeks before the season, featuring some of the brightest stars, competing for a worthless trophy, risking their precious limbs to pre-pre-season injuries? It's bad enough that they have to play so many games in that fruity league (pineapple? grapefruit?) that the WBC seems to only be further jeopardizing their chances in playing in games that actually matter. To us, that is.

The Mets announced that they will have 15 representatives in the three-week World Baseball Classic that begins early next month. Here are the Mets going and the countries they will represent:

Australia: Stefan Welch

Canada: Shawn Bowman.

Dominican Republic: Jose Reyes

Mexico: Elmer Dessens, Oliver Perez

Panama: Ruben Tejada

Puerto Rico: Carlos Beltran, Alex Cora, Carlos Delgado, Pedro Feliciano, Jesus Feliciano, Nelson Figueroa

United States: J.J. Putz, David Wright

Venezuela: Francisco Rodriguez

Now I wouldn't mind (actually, I'd really love) if Francisco Rodriguez or J.J. Putz blew not one save this entire season, but if it's because they are nursing an injury that they sustained while they were battling for their respective country, then that is one war wound that will never receive a medal. From us, that is.

Wendy Adair writes, on, in an article titled "Mets fans should be happy to see their players in the WBC," - "Obviously there is always concern about injury, but that can happen anytime, anywhere...On the U.S. Airways Flight that landed in Hudson River, David Wright was falsely rumored to be on that plane. If he were in fact on that plane or any other type of accident, even in his own home, he would still potentially miss part of the regular season."

Brilliant Wendy, just brilliant. You're either
1) Not a Mets fan,
2) Rooting to see Eddie Kunz in the closing role come season time, or
3) Using journalistic-enhancement drugs incorrectly.

"No more carrot cutting for you Carlos." "David, I heard you mowed your lawn, please step into my office." "Murphy, what type of shinanigans are you trying to pull by putting your car into reverse in attempt to back out of that spot? Huh? HUH?"

Yes, the list can go on. The list of non-intelligent, apple and orange comparing, way out of left field dealing, writers who should be in a fruit league of their own.

"Injuries can happen all the time, and anywhere." So true. Sort of like when a certain blogger walks out her home and has a large tree suddenly yell silent timber from behind her? Yup. Just like that.

Enjoy your wooden trophy, Wendy. From us, that is.


wario said...

Brilliant article!... I totally understand where your coming from, except one little thing is bothering me (YES , Wario is getting worked up now). If you had a chance to represent your country, would you not take that opportunity and try to make the most of it? When the Olympics roll around, all best players in the world are playing in MLB, so they don’t have that opportunity to out there and make their country proud!! This is the only time that a player like David Wright and not BRANDON KNIGHT can really do justice for the good old U. S. of A.! (wario is cooling down now)
~Peace out

OMARitis said...

Great Question!! Off the field I'd definitely take Jose and A-Roid (helluva lot more interesting). On the field is a really good question!! Did you come up with that on your own?!!?! I think you should institute a daily poll for this tremendous website...

Eli From Brooklyn said...

You are far too kind.

Skeptic Al said...

To hell with the Baseball Classic...if these players want to play for their home country... than let them play in their home country.

This country made you rich Mr Jose, Francisco, Carlos or anyone with the last name Gonzalez-Rodriguez or Jesus ...!
If youd be living in the Domican Republic you'd have to work in a tortilla factory during non-baseball hours to make ends meet. You'd be mowing your baseball diamond before batting practice!

This is an outrage. Take off your major league cap, put on a sombrero, and jumb back over the border!

Eli From Brooklyn said...
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Eli From Brooklyn said...

Settle down Skeptic Al. Although your motives and meaning are great, your words seem a tad harsh. After all, your name is Al. Assuming you are Al Bundy; you don't seem like you're from around here either. (Just speak wisely).

speshel said...

I would like to officially take issue with one of the (un)esteemed members of our small yet important universe here in the underground - WARIO
1. wario? a nickname from nintendo? what are we, four years old? get a real name
2. learn some grammar. you're, not your!
3. who are you to refer to yourself in the third person? settle down that ego of yours.
4. you forgot the word go, as in "go out there"
5. peace out? you're a hippie now?
6. stop the love affair with E-lie. your other blog is getting jealous.
you got all that nintendo boy, or do i need to repeat myself as much as E-lie does in his mindless ranting about bloggers who are more popular than he is.
that's it for tonight.
from me, that is.

Luigi said...

Ok, first things first. This is not Wario using a different name. This is Luigi. A new member. A new attitude.
1)His name is ELI, not E-lie, not Ely. Eli.
2)Would it kill you to start a sentence with a capital letter? Would it?
3)Nintendo is not for kids anymore. We live in a new world. A new era.
4)Peace out - Hippie? Lol. Maybe 40 years ago they said that. It's new talk for a new breed.

But we won't hold all this against you. After all, you're special.

The Big Show said...
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wario said...

I would like to officially welcome speshel to commenting on the blog…
I’m sorry I didn’t know someone existed behind that picture of Mike Piazza…. You know there were rumors of him being *** right? Makes sense were you both hiding in the closet together? Is that what took you so long to join?
Wa wa we wa!! Looks like someone (speshel k) blogged on the wrong side of his computer, you have just taken Wario to a place that Wario does not like to go!!! Who do you think you are coming in here (out of nowhere) to start (trying) to rip me? I will now say the most horrible thing I have ever said to someone in my life….. Wait for it; wait for it, YOU ARE THE AARON HEILMAN OF THIS BLOG!!!
Yes I did just say that!!
Why you ask? Simple, YOU’RE looking to blog like a starter but all you are is a mop up guy!!
And Luigi as for you, welcome and good lines, you get credit unlike some other people we won’t mention!

DOVY said...

i agree this wbc is so stupid and risking our players that we pay to go watch and put our sweat and blood into no fair!!!! hey the mets won yesterday loius castillo best LEADOFF hitter in baseball

wario said...

its so not stupid Dovy...(see wario post on top of pg.)if USA wins will you not rejoice?

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Mets are up 9-0 going into the seventh. In the words of Omaritis - "Mike Fransesca should call more games". (Reyes was taken out of the game. He had 6 Ribbi's, a solo shot, and a grand slam.
Best number 3 hitter in baseball...

DOVY said...

wario no I will not rejoice coudnt give a hoot, I care bout one team THE METS!!!!!!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

I agree. One team. TOTALLY.