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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'M APPALLED! I cannot even finish reading the article that is prominently displayed on The words begin "Manager wants Reyes at third." Are you kidding me? It almost makes me want Willie Randolph back! (I said almost). Who in their right mind would put Reyes at third!? He is perfectly fine right where he is! This is insanity. Ludicrous. Appalling!

First of all, it doesn't take a genius to know that Reyes is comfortable playing shortstop so the fact that he is going to have to learn a whole new position in a very short amount of time is mind boggling. Didn't the Mets choose not to have Daniel Murphy play second base because "it wasn't the position he grew up playing"? Why would this strategy not be applied to Jose Reyes? Furthermore, Reyes, in the 5 years he has been with the Mets, has been involved in turning 400 double plays. That is FOUR HUNDRED double plays. Nobody else in baseball has turned that many double plays in their first 5 years in the majors. No other player in the game can snag shots up the middle the way Jose Reyes can. A third baseman is protected by the fact that he has the foul line to his right. Reyes does NOT need that protection. You can leave him at shortstop where he is "vulnerable" on both sides (especially with Castillo on one of them) and he will still make the play. He is known to be, not only a great offensive shortstop, but one of the better defensive shortstops in the league.

There are so many more reasons that this has got to be the dumbest thing that I have ever seen contemplated by a big league manager. Thank the L-rd I did not finish that article or I would've blown another casket just reading about the absolute nonsense that Jerry Manuel spews from day to day. Who would replace Reyes at short? Alex Cora? Marlon Anderson? They don't come close to the production that the speedy Reyes produces. Will David Wright move over? Will Reyes shift to third? Wright received his second gold glove at third base last year so that just adds to the insanity. To be frank, the only time I ever want to see Reyes at third is when he is sliding head first into it as he finishes off one of his oh-so-common triples. If he is wearing any sort of glove (other than a batting glove) then he better be about 25 feet to the left of third base if the Mets don't want another short stop to their post season hopes in 2009.

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Updated @ 1:03 am: Aha. Just finished the article on I see. Aha.

Updated @ 1:04 am: WHAT THE HECK?!? JOSE REYES TO BAT THIRD??? What is Jerry Manuel on!? Reyes is one of the most productive lead off hitters of all time and he wants to give Luis Castillo more opportunities? No! Bat Castillo tenth! I will not have this. When Reyes does go ahead and hit that triple, will it be a mere double because some overweight lead off hitter got held up at third? Will Reyes get 50 less at bats a season because he is now in the number three hole? Apparently, not only did Wilpon lose his money, Manuel, undoubtedly, has lost his mind.


Skeptic Al said...

People, where else are you going to get such informative, intelligent, in-depth, courageous analysis on the stories that matter. Thanks Mr Brooklyn for giving us the facts as they are, and without the mass media bias.

That is why I love this blog, and why I will continue to support it!

wario said...


wario said...

If we had Hanely Ramirez on our team then maybe i would understand moving him to 3rd(in the order) but a guy like Jose who changes the entire dimension of the game everytime he gets on base would be a bad idea to move.... so what if he has some power, Rikki Henderson is the all time leader in leading off a game with a homerun, would you consider moving him to the 3 hole? i didnt think so..... Jerry Manuel, i understand that Obama is the president and "its time for a cahnge" but i dont think this is what he was talking about!!!

OMARitis said...

I dont understand how anyone voted for any show other Joe B and *#@!* to be removed from the fan!! They have actually forced me to have to listen to Max sometimes... Can someone please explain why the vote for another show as opposed to that pathetic SHNUK?!?!?!?!??!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

I personally think their show has evolved into Evan pathetically over-emphasizing and dramatizing what is on his mind and Joe just sitting there and throwing in a quick tidbit or acknowledgement after each of Evan's boring statements. Roberts tries to make everything sound better than it really is and I, like you Mr. Omaritis, have began (since last year) listening to Max. Max (although he is so into his numbers) makes for a great listen. He seems intelligent and I find myself rarely bored with him. Joe and Evan must go. Go go go. I'm changing my vote. Good Call Omar.