The Mets are the Team to Meet

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

As you can see, the only remnants left from "the old Shea" right now is a stairwell with all the ramps visible. This is kind of appropriate for them to leave as a remembrance for all their trips to nowhere.

But we must look past Shea (literally) to a bigger (er, slightly smaller) and brighter (nope, no neon players on the outside of this stadium) park where we can create new memories and have for ourselves a fresh start when we meet the brand new sparkly Mets.

Tickets on StubHub for the first game at Citi Field range from $185 (corner of the top row in the stadium) to $99,800 (Is that for Fred Wilpon's lap?) but word has it that the price will drop as the days tick closer to Opening Day.

For all the real Met lovers who don't mind the 3 hour trek to Philly for a Phillies-Mets game, single game tickets go on sale tomorrow, Thursday, February 19th, at 7:30 a.m. EST for Philly home games. Supposedly, Old Citizens Bank Park is said to be really nice (the park that is, not the fans) so a May 3rd, 1:35 game start against the Mets, seems quite appealing. Worse comes to worse, if you can't make it to the game you can sell the tickets for double its value to some RED-neck Phillies fan who got laid off from a job that he never had in the first place.

See? I'm a Philly hater as well.

Oh, and I know it's not "OLD Citizens Bank Park," but - any team that considers the 46 year old Jamie Moyer as one of their better starting pitchers - is going to be laughed at all the way to the "bank" (excuse the poor pun).

Jamie, there are 2 signs that tell each aging ballplayer that it is HIS time to go:
1) When you've passed your prime and you know you've thrown your last pitches... &
2) When you're passing gas after each of those pitches...

If that's not enough of a reason to leave the game of baseball then let us take a look at who your friends were when you were all drafted together in 1988, when you were "just a mere 26 years old."

(And a side note: Mr. Rodriguez - you are not "young and stupid" when you're 26. Maybe when your 18. But not 26. More to come on this in a later blog but I had to get that off my chest for now).

Jamie Moyer was drafted the same year as, Rico Brogna (Lol, remember him?), Robin Ventura (grandfather of 3), Tino Martinez and Jim Abbot (who can pitch better than Moyer with one hand behind his back, or even worse). He also had Luis Gonzalez (still teamless because of his age), Turk Wendell (no comment), and Pete Rose (I'll bet you he was in this draft). Sorry Moyer, it's time to go.

The funniest though is when he heard that A-Rod was involved with steroid taking. It was almost as if he was like "What!? Really? If he wasn't juicing he'd be hitting one of my balls 450 feet. With the juice, we're talking 800 feet. You cannot be serious. I got no chance as it is, but with A-Rod on the stuff....???" This wasn't what he said out loud but if you read in between the words, you can see how he wants Alex out of the game.

"What does he have to play for now?" (Uh, how about $250 million?)
"It's such a distraction. I really wish there was some way to make it all go away." (You first JM)
"I know I'm clean. I feel like I've done it through hard work." (Yes, 34 years of it)
"What credibility does he have now?" (Keep the lines coming Moyer and you'll be the punchline in an upcoming Madonna song)
Hall of Fame? "I don't see how he has a chance" (Right, and neither do you when Cousin Vinny randomly meets you in the back of an alley)

Ease up, Jamie. Just because you played in 3 different era's of baseball (2 in which were not steroid filled) it does not give you the right to become the sage of age against all the roid-rage. What it does do - is fill you with fear knowing that maybe, and just maybe, from May 22-May 24 when the Phillies come to the Bronx, the A-Bomb might just face off against the Aged-Bomb.

Oh, and for all the Met fans who are comforted by the fact that we still have the ramps to reminisce over - "I'm sorry, I am really sorry."

and even a better view, with reason for a good laugh at the end of the clip:



wario said...

Even as a die hard Met fan, im not sure i see the neccesity to be poking fun at Mr. Moyer... you fail to point out his record this yr. which just so happened to be the same as a certain pitcher the mets have, who has a $137,000,000 contract,a.k.a. Johan.. both pitchers went 16-7. that is better than oli, maine , and pelf... and im quite certain its better then all 7, 40 yr old over the hill pitchers the mets signed over the off season totalled last yr. if they even played!..... it is quite embarresing, that moyer, whose fastball clocks out at a blazing 76mph baffels the mets each time he faces them. with that record i would be happy to have him as a 3rd starter on my team regardless of his age...

Eli From Brooklyn said...

True that Moyer has a history of having pitched six or more innings in all 18 starts in his career against the Mets. But the Mets usually get to him early. (Example from a NY Times article: "As is often the case, the Mets scored early, getting two runs in the first inning, one in the second and three in the third off starter Jamie Moyer. Jose Reyes led off the game with a triple and scored on a single by Easley." and "Tatis drove in his first run in the first inning with a single and brought home three more runs in the third with a home run off Moyer). So he pitches 6+ a game against the Mets but gives up 4 first inning runs (and the Mets bullpen blow the game)? I will take that anytime (the 4 runs aspect). Jamie, you are always invited to Citi Field. Anytime you want.

And Wario and to all the other "loyal" Mets fans - Let that video represent "the final collapse" at Shea...