A Tale of Two Seasons

Monday, March 23, 2009

If you put a gun to my head, I'd say it. "The off-season can be even more exciting than the regular season." There I said it.

Let's face it. The 162 game grind can get long and boring. Day in and day out we have the potential of seeing regular and unexciting baseball. (Especially if it's September and you root for the Mets. There I said it).

But in the offseason, we have rumors, trades, and contract signings that would make even Latrell Sprewell drop a jaw or two. I'd take "a guy walking away from a big time signing" over "a guy hitting a walk off homer." Think about it. Gossip over Gossages. Rumors over Ramirezes. Trades over Round Trippers. The off-season has become the in-season.

Go back to the 2007 World Series between the Red Sox and the Rockies (lol, The Rockies. Talk about a fluke). In middle of one of the oh-so-very exciting games, the most thrilling moment was when A-Rod decided to opt out of his contract. Granted the Red Sox were up by 6 runs at the time but something tells me that even if Matt Holliday was up in the bottom half of the tenth inning in a 2-2 tie, A-Rod would've still stole the show. That's just the way it is. If we can SEE one thing or TALK about another thing, we're going to almost always head in the verbal direction.

We can get really into the off-season when we discuss what could be done to fix our team in the upcoming season. We get so into it that come season time we could've sworn that it was supposed to feel more exciting than it actually is. But year after year we do the same thing to ourselves. We wait. We anticipate. And then we wait some more.

Check out this clip where the announcer gets into it in February...

Don't think that it's only the announcers. Even the Umps and Managers can get into it...(Hide the kids for this one).

Curent Off-Season Water Cooler Talk:
Did you hear the news? Livan is getting the 5th Spot!
Did you read the papers? Jerry is going with Murphy in the 2 hole!!
Did you see my blog? Each new post is better than the one before!!!

Okay, so the last line was a plug for my blog. Sue me. Come to think of it, it seems a bit odd as to why I need to plug my blog IN my blog. But moving on...

Now that we have established that the REAL season is coming to a quick close, let's take a closer look at what the Mets have in store for us in the 2009 season.

Starting Staff:
Johan Santana
Mike Pelfrey
Oliver Perez
John Maine
Livan Hernandez*

* = Name in 5th hole due to change (often).

It's good to see that Big Pelf has leap frogged the idle two, Maine and Oli, and has become a solid number 2 starter. Manuel has told the media that he "expects Pelfrey to be the ace of a staff at some point in his long career" but for now, number two smells fine to me.

Johan will be Johan. I'm not worried about him (barring any injury).

John Maine has some demons to work out and I don't see him having a great season. Start warming up, Niese.

Hmm, Oliver Perez. I'm going to say that some days he will look like Johan and other days he will look like Heilman. You just never know with this guy. The Phillies can't hit a lick off him (which I love) but the Reds can take him to town. Oh, and Oli, please button your shirt for heaven's sake.

Enter Livan Hernandez. Having a pretty good second half of the spring and I like what I see. Win us 12 games and I'll cook you supper, Livan.

25 Pedro Feliciano - I see him continuing in his slump. He's got to pick it up.
48 Sean Green - The Not Jewish Sean Green. J.J. Putz says he has upside. We'll see.
32 Carlos Muniz - Pitch well, Carlos. We already have one too many on the team.
-- Fernando Nieve - The Astros gave him up for a reason. Send him off.
36 Darren O'Day - Nice sidearm delivery. He stays. For now.
39 Bobby Parnell - Young talent. Hope. Start him in AAA and bring him up mid season.
22 J.J. Putz - Let's hope we see more JJ than we do Putz.
44 Tim Redding - Great signing, Omar. We could've got Hudson for 2 more mill.
75 Francisco Rodriguez - Easy with the celebrations. Save 80 games. We're good.
43 Brian Stokes - His fire has been stoked. Exile him like Aaron.

23 Brian Schneider - We got him for defense and we didn't see much of it last year. He's got to swing a hotter bat and throw runners out more consistently. I find him the weakest link on our team. If only we could say goodbye...
11 Ramon Castro - He would be an amazing everyday catcher. Too bad he's not.
4 Robinson Cancel - He was recently sent to AAA. And I care why exactly?

1 Luis Castillo - Looks like he'll be hitting 8th. He's gotta keep the weight down and the hits up. Otherwise, I will hit down on him and I won't wait.
3 Alex Cora - Not a huge fan of this guy other than the fact that he can play all the positions.
21 Carlos Delgado - Second half of 2008? I don't think so but come close to it, k?
7 Jose Reyes - Expect big things from him this season. Maturity included.
5 David Wright - Let's see some more clutch hits. No, not off your toe.

9 Marlon Anderson - Has a guaranteed contract but not a guaranteed spot. Won't be here for long.
15 Carlos Beltran - My call is that he has the best year on the team. You watch.
19 Ryan Church - No more concussions and we'll be okay.
6 Nick Evans - Torrid batting in Spring Season. Might get a bench spot. I'm ok with that.
28 Daniel Murphy - Love the rising star. Good eye at the plate and needs work on the fielding. I'm very patient with this one.
16 Angel Pagan - Type of guy never to catch a break (if it's not his shoulder at least). Needs an angel of his own.
18 Jeremy Reed - Went 4/5 with 4 rbi's yesterday. He's supposed to be the new Endy. Defensive replacement and pinch runner. Let's hope this Endy can hit.
12 Cory Sullivan - $600,000 contract. Has a nice glove. We'll see if he makes it.
17 Fernando Tatis - He says he won't have as good of a year. I'm ok with that. Have half as good a year, k?

Do you guys agree? Disagree? Half agree? Misremember? I would love to hear your take on the matter. After all, isn't this what the season is all about?

P.S. - I almost forgot. The Mets win the NL EAST. By 5 games. There I said it.

That's my baseball pick.



Skeptic Al said...

Eli...Can I safely assume that there will nothing more to write about once the season starts, and you will be moving on to other topics?

wario said...

i was just thinking a random thought:

It must have been so much fun growing up in the Hernendez house, with El douqe, Livan, and Keith!!

I agree with almost everything you say, except i have a few questions or concerns of my own.
1. what happened to FIGS BEING THE LONG MAN?
2.where is my man Kielty?
3.whats with your random order of names?
4.castro cant be everyday catcher, prone to injurys


Skeptic Al said...

With much anticipation for my prediction Iv'e been crunching the numbers, sorting the schedule, talking to psychics, following this blog, and watching spring training baseball. So here it is: Mets end up in 3rd place behind the Phillies and Braves and (please Lord) save us much agony by being eliminated the first week of September. Lets hope!

wario said...

AL, have you forgotten to take your met anti-depressants this morning??

Skeptic Al said...

Actually I took them, and the reason why I'm being so optimistic. My original draft had them in dead last. I'm tired of hearing about change, and how things are going to be diffarent. When I see it, I'll believe it. I'd rather be pleasantly suprised. What in the world have the Mets done to be picked as first place finishers. Their first place losers as far as I'm concerned.

wario said...

OBVIOUSLY, you have not the lightest clue as to why the Mets finished out of first place last year... no it was not due to willy, no it was not due to the offense not being clutch late in the season, no it had nothing to do with jerry manual getting new glasses, no it had nothing to do with Luis Castillo sucking, nor did it have anything to do with the "BUNION".... it did however have everything to-do with the Mets bullpen sucking it up every friggin time they had a lead... they Mets properly went out and addressed that issue with the utmost concern, bringing in 2 top tier closers.. So al you tell me, what is it you need again???

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Wario, I realized I had forgotten Figs. I happen to like him a lot. I would love for him to get a chance in the 5th spot. He has been pitching around the world and has now come full circle back to New York. I'd love to see him pitch in a big playoff game. I dunno - just a feeling. Kielty? I don't respect any red head in a Mets uniform if his name doesn't start with a B. Do you know who I am referring to? Most of the random names are from the Mets roster on their website. That's their order. And also, can a team finish 4 1/2 games ahead of another? or does it have to be a full number? Castro for President.

Al, don't stop taking those pills. You picked the Braves to come in 2nd place? Well, you obviously are not only oblivious to what the Mets have fixed (Thank you Wario, the bullpen it is) but you are also clueless as to where the Braves stand in all this. Tom (John according to you) Glavine, Tommy Hanson and Derek Not So Lowe ERA - are not their answer. Chipper is turning 53 and his production has gone down big time. Keep popping those pills, leave the number crunching to the professionals and keep on reading the blog. You might learn something.

wario said...

eli the half was for good luck!

wario said...

and who is the red head your reffering too?..

wario said...

benny agbiani?

Skeptic Al said...

Wario...You asked what I want. What I want is for this blog posting to be renamed....
A Tale of Two Morons

Eli From Brooklyn said...

I heard of people calling themselves a moron. But two morons? Al, go easy on yourself.

Wario, I meant an R. My bad. Lol. I can't remember his name. From the 80's.... They all came out with red wigs for him....

wario said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wario said...


Eli From Brooklyn said...

I agree. I think he feels hated on. Wario, do we hate or does he start us off? I think the latter.

Skeptic Al said...

I think you ought to stop grinding your lower extremities against Mr. Mets nose while fantasizing about the Mets winning the pennant. Try it for a few minutes, you might regain your senses. You might also want to check yourself into a clinic and see what diseases you cought from Carlos Beltran's last visit. Pick up some anti depressents while your'e there you'll probably need them. Wer'e you coming from with these predictions; except from 2 seasons of enormous embarassments on unprecended levels. I'm not saying it cant happen. On paper the Mets have the talent. I hope it does. But to predict it, as if you really believe it! Get real! Get lost! Get a life!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Different*. Caught*. Depressants*. You need not only a check on life, but a spell check as well.

wario said...

Al, im truly sorry i leaked the youtube clip of you with the batting stances... please dont take it out on me and eli on this blog... its strickly for mets posting remember????

Eli From Brooklyn said...

That's Al?? I knew I knew that guy from somewhere. Nah, it can't be. I remember thinking the batting stance guy was slightly athletic. Wario, you've erred in your thoughts. Try again.

Skeptic Al said...

12 Days to opening day...12 days to come to your senses.

wario said...

hey eli look at the hatter counting down to opening day!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

More for him to hate on! In 12 days....