If the Mets played basketball...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

NBA Blogger, J.E. Skeets, writes,

Funny moment from Saturday's marquee Anti-NBA Finals game: 0.5 seconds left in the first quarter. New York Knicks inbound the ball to guard Nate Robinson(notes). The New York guard, for whatever reason, turns and purposely heaves a 30-foot shot at the wrong basket. Goes in. Cue hilarity and Mike D'Antoni mustache rage.

Now, as you can see, the shot came just after the buzzer. But still, that didn't stop the Knicks coach from giving Nate a little piece of his mind. D'Antoni was livid. He even stormed a few feet onto the court to yell.

Nate's response: "What? What?"

If that doesn't perfectly sum up the Knicks' 2009-10 season, I don't know what does.

Omar Minaya has begun speaking with Robinson's agent. Details to come.


Kyle said...

Robinson can be used as a pinch runner and he'd also play in the "Jump Over Tall Guy Derby." I'm pumped!