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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today, I asked my followers on Twitter:

"Would you trade Mike Pelfrey (1 year left), Fernando Martinez and Daniel Murphy to the Jays for Lyle Overbay and Roy Halladay (1 year)?"

The "Yes" Group

metschick28: yes.

Kranepool: I'll drive those "X-Mets" to the airport and buy them brand new luggage to get Halladay.

Magus978: Would they even consider that without spitting in our faces?

TheRopolitans: Hell, I'd drive them to Toronto.

ViMed26: I'll pay the tolls lol.

CBSGreenLantern: If I'm the Mets I do that in a heartbeat. Wells in a different situation could be much better and Halladay is best in biz.

tommyjets: Hell yeah, but Mets should try and sign him to extension before trade goes thru.

Frank_Guate: if we have to send those players I AGREE!!!!!!

JonBraunstein Yes, I would, but only if we can re-sign Halladay.

The NO's

_holman_: I would not, I rather keep my farm full. Unless roy agree's to a sign and trade with atleast 4 years.

trmbonemulligan: thats a terrible trade, if Minaya was the Blue Jays GM EVEN he wouldn't do that.

brianjtang: Trade our youngsters for a one year rental and a career .265 hitter? No.

These People Didn't Answer But If They Did

CarlosBeltran15: Who cares? Donate to my organization.

FakeFredWilpon: Serenity Now! Serenity Now!!!

I would do it but I wouldn't trade my 3 numba one shows for anything!

BarackObama: Change? Change is good.

You didn't answer? Fret not. You can answer in the comment section or become famous* and I'll answer what you would've answered.**

* - You must be famous for over 3 months without committing an act that disgraces your family, neighborhood and/or religion. American Idol winners are not considered "famous" unless voted again by Americans on whether they think they've earned the description of "famous".

** - Read the first asterisk's definition in the mega quick post-commercial voice.


Kyle said...


Mike In Manhattan, New York said...

I would even give em Maine if they wanted.

Smitty said...

First off, Mike, you're nuts.

I'd do it but I'd look to sign Roy to a multi year contract after. Johan and Doc? Mmm.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

I believe I would go ahead with it but I'd go mad if F-Mart became something BIG one day...

2010 or bust!

Shawn said...