Johnny Be Fast

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Social Media Guide, Mashable, writes, "As the World Series between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies heats up, fans are turning to the web in droves to capture and replay its most exciting moments."

"Last night’s game four in Philadelphia was certainly no exception. The game, tied in the top of the ninth, featured a key double steal by the Yankees’ Johnny Damon. Given that double steals are quite rare in the game of baseball, and the fact that this one helped lead to a Yankees win, the clip has become somewhat of an online commodity."

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Mashable continues, "It’s an important moment that may go down in baseball history, and web searchers are clamoring to check out the incredible climatic scene..."

Mets Underground reminds its' devoted readers that this feat is nothing new to the Mets' fan's keen eye. Why, before this season started, Jose Reyes stole third base (from first) without even stopping...

Johnny being Jose. Amen.


Kate Hudson said...

When A-Rod steals home on a similar play, then, and only then, will we deem him "clutch."