Watch for the Hot Stove, Wolf

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Enjoy the Hot Stove ... just don't get burned from it."

That was my mentality going into this off-season and hopefully it will pay baseball dividends.

I decided to use divine intervention, albeit not the best of ways, to choose which starting pitcher the Mets should go after and eventually sign for 2010. I let "Google Images" be my guide.

Thank you, Google.

"What is he talking about," you shout emphatically inside your head. I'll tell you - breathe.

Michael Baron of MetsBlog asked on his Twitter feed, "Would you like to see the Mets tender (John) Maine, or non-tender him and sign (Randy) Wolf to a 2 yr deal?"

"Well, he isn't a youngster anymore, although, he had pretty good stuff in 2009," I said to my 3 year old dog, Endy.

I thought, "I'll pop Wolf's name into 'The Google' (as Mike Francesa called it last week) and I'll get my vibes from there." After sorting through a few images of Randy with an actual wolf's head (some really bad photoshopping) - I found my answer:

Wolf, Veteran; Haunting, Old.

"Uh, Michael," I tweeted back, "When do we start tendering Maine?"


Kyle F said...

Lol. Uh, good call, Eli.

Keep em comin!