Musical'd Up

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I must say, this man, is quite the talent.

Tirico Suave takes a regular phone call (which I happened to hear on the radio today at about 2:15) and turns it into a video/musical masterpiece.

Here is what Suave wrote on his site preceding the unveiling of his new YouTube hit:

Big Mikey decided to opine on the Knicks during today’s show. Considering he
hasn’t watched a Knicks game since 1999, it was a peculiar direction to take the

Not surprisingly, it didn’t end well.

When asked by a caller why NY would be an attractive landing place for free agents in 2010, Mike stumbled and uttered these brilliant words: “Because da city is New York.”

Translation: Mikey has been listening to Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” on repeat.

This kind of dripping New Yawk arrogance isn’t rare, but it is video-worthy. With that said, enjoy Big Mikey’s premiere video with Jay-Z.

Mik-Z in da house!
Props to Kranepool for the find.


Eddieperez23 said...

Great, great clip. Francesa wearing the scarf with Beyonce and on the Statue of Liberty were priceless. All that was missing were pics of Mike arm in arm with Brandon Inge or Bronson Arroyo!

Mike Francesa said...

"I like Brandon Inge alot."


Video seen here:

l_i_sound said...

Very funny. What an arrogant ass. (Not you)