What Was That Award?

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Onion is reporting:

A number of players suggested to reporters Monday that, with accolades such as the AL Platinum Baseman Award and the Best Lead Off of the Year Trophy, the Baseball Writers' Association of America was almost certainly making up its year-end honors on the spot. "When they were calling out the names of the awards and players, they were stammering and saying 'um' and 'uh' a lot," said Tampa Bay Rays slugger and 2009 Best Batting Gloves Award winner Evan Longoria. "I'd never heard of that award until five minutes ago. Same with the Pretty Good Bunter Award." Longoria added, however, that if there is now such a thing as the Hitter of the Year Goblet, he might as well try to win it.

After Fernando Tatis won the 2008 Comeback-Player-Of-The-Year Award, he was given the 2009 Please-Don't-Come-Back-Player-Of-The-Year Award. Tatis proclaimed, "I am Numero Uno!" while waving the trophy, designed with two bats forming an "X", high in the air.