Mets Sign Instant Replay To Contract

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Flushing, NY - New York Mets General Manager Omar Minaya announced today the team has signed Instant Replay to a major league contract. A late season call up in 2008, Instant Replay had mixed results in the early going, losing in its debut when an Alex Rodriguez homerun was upheld after a challenge by the Tampa Bay Rays.

This season, however, Replay has been far more successful, including a perfect 5-0 record with Mets. “The Mets just felt like the right fit for me. Jerry [Manuel] has already shown a real willingness to use me in game situations, at home and on the road,” Replay said in explaining why he chose the Mets despite interest from other clubs.

Minaya, meanwhile, gushed about Replay’s abilities. “He’s a three tool player. He can determine whether a home run is fair or foul, whether a home run actually clears the fence, and whether a fan interferes with a ball. And he’s still young.”

However, Replay has its detractors around the league. Having already signed an endorsement deal with Sharp Aquos, some argue Replay has been given too much too soon. And many fans and a few GM’s still oppose its presence in the sport. “Look, most of baseball once thought black players had no business in the game. But then we were blessed with Jackie Robinson. I’m not saying I’m like Jackie or anything, but if I can have some success at this level, then maybe it’ll open the door for other forms of Replay to make it to the Bigs - plays at the plate or plays at first or balls and strikes - who knows! Trust me, there’s a lot of talent in the Replay Leagues.”

Details of the contract have not yet been disclosed, but it is believed to be a one year deal worth a year of HBO and a new remote.

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Eddie Gomez said...

LOL. Let's hope this rookie runs pop-ups out!

Octavio 57 said...

I heard details involved a "cable to be named later" but it was just a rumor so who knows?