The Ups & The Downs

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

There were a lot of positive points to the Mets' mini sweep over the Braves on Monday and Tuesday. Livan Hernandez pitched quite well and got himself out of a couple of messes. Carlos Beltran continues to have a monster year with a 16 game hitting streak and hitting over .400. Ramon Castro went 3/4 tonight and plated in an insurance RBI. Carlos Delgado's (36 year old) hip is feeling better. David Wright looks like he's breaking out of his slump & John Maine looked rather solid (if we forget yesterday's second inning when he gave up 3 runs).

But what would be the fun in writing a blog about how you root for a team that has so much upside to them? Where is the negativity ... or what other people like to call "reality"?

- Carlos Delgado has to squeeze that ball to end the game. I don't care if he had 9 RBI's in the top of the 9th. He MUST use both of his hands, just like we are taught in little league. C'mon, Papi.

- During tonight’s game broadcast on SNY, Gary Cohen said Brian Schneider will not play in a rehab game until next Monday, meaning it will be at least another 10 to 14 days before he is activated from the disabled list. (I don't mind. As long as Ramon and Omir do what they are doing...)

- The Mets announced Johan Santana has been named National League Pitcher of the Month for April. (Usually, Johan has a better 2nd half of the year. Should Met fans be concerned that his first half - so far - is sparkling? or will his 2nd half be even better? Is that even possible? Sit down, Zack Greinke. You do not contend).

- The Boston Globe had a line in a column that read, “The Mets removed New York newspapers from the clubhouse to get rid of negative vibes.” (Uh, being that most of the team can't read English was this absolutely necessary? But seriously, if this is what is affecting the Mets psychy then we are even more brittle than I thought).

-The Phillies are coming to town. (Don't mess with Johan).

Here is’s Post Game Extra, from last night’s win over the Braves, featuring clips of the game; quotes from Jerry Manuel and Livan Hernandez and analysis from Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen:


Lucky Slevins said...

Delgado definitely has to use two hands. It almost cost us the game (and we all know what usually happens when the Mets play in Turner Field, 1-9 last year).

Thank You K-Rod.

wario said...

i guess things arent so "chipper" for the braves this year!!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

...and we do not have to "keep up with the Joneses" :)

Eli From Brooklyn said...

As seen on Mets Blog:

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, courtesy of, last night was the second time this season that Franky Rodriguez recorded a save despite allowing more than one run – something he had only done twice during his entire career with the Angels.

Welcome to New York, Mr. Rodriguez.

Josh said...

One can always count on Eli Sports Bureau to come up with great stats.

Osama said...

Dear Franky

You look so Taliban with that beard of yours. Wink Wink.


Eli From Brooklyn said...

According to Google Analytics, Osama is located in Far Rockaway.

Weiiird. Lol.