We're Matt At You!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anyone who follows the Mets semi-religiously knows that the first stop for updates and team info is not Mets.com. It's MetsBlog.com.

Whether it be rumors, highlights, analysis or just good ol' talking baseball - Mets Blog has it all. They even let you comment your own thoughts. Used to, at least.

To make a short story long... the Chief Blogger, Matthew Cerrone changed the format of the comment boards recently and the entire reading community had a fit. "Change the format back to the way it was!", they screamed. "We want to be heard!", they continued. But alas, it was too no avail.

Not only did he not listen, he shut us out. Last night, he turned the commenting section off completely.

You would think that someone who has enough brains to follow the Mets would be equally as smart to let his following public know what is going on! So let's say he's working on a new commenting board format, at least let the readers know! This wreaks of bad taste, poor journalism and weak blogging talent.

Now whenever I read a post of his I sort of see it differently.

For example:

Child seems as Child does.

And for all your critics out there who tell us to "stop reading the site if we don't like the way it's run" then kindly leave this site as well.

Let's pick it up, Matt...and in a hurry.

- Thursday

Well, well, it seems as if Mr. Cerrone has gotten the message. Of course he has - he visits this site daily.

He writes in a blog post today, "for those who are curious..." he will later discuss the state of the site's comment section. He explains that "the recent series of late night games and early morning writing has left me little time to address the issue."

As usual, I see his post with "extra" words and "distorted" pictures.

Um, do you expect us to think this is entirely true?

You obviously had enough time to twitter to Shaq that "'Experience makes you an expert.' Too true, Shaq, who my friend once accidentally called O'Neil Shaquile. " and you weren't too busy to let Jon Heyman know that "yes, I enjoyed my cookie from the Treats Truck, who also have outstanding Oatmeal Choc. Chip as well. TreatsTruck.com!"

Yikes, Matt, someone was caught in a lie. Either that or a certain Mets blogger doesn't have his priorities straight.

(...that Mets blogger would also be me, being that I actually read your site for Mets content.)

Shame on you, Matthew.


Jack Z said...

Lol, agreed. What's with?

Dirt and Cleats 101 said...

It's a shame........ Distasteful........

Henry said...

What? Because he took 5 seconds to Tweet? What am I missing? That said, I thought his post today about comments was lame. I still find the comments section enjoyable, just a mess in terms of formatting. What he's not saying is he doesn't like all the anti-Verizon anti-Cerrone chatter, so he's being basically dishonest. A blog's comment section can start talking about other Met's related stuff - that's the nature of the internet, so that seems like a pretty weak cover.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Agreed, Henry. Well said.

henry VII said...

ok time to move back the real related met issues, i think you might have forgotten were in a big mess over here, and i don’t think worrying about mat cerone is going to help us LOYAL followers!!!!

We arrive in bean town tonight to take on the always dangerous Sox. Im a little scared of what the outcome might be. We are short a lot of regulars, and the bullpens ERA is steadily on the incline. There is reason to be to be worried.....

I want to see Tatis and sheff play more, I wanna see aranus reyes, I don’t wanna see ramon martenez!

Lets bring the beans back to flushing!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

If he was Aranus Reyes then the fans would jump on him for that. It's Argenus*.

I just hope they don't get swept in Boston. Pretty sad, no?

Did you guys hear that Sheff had food poisoning in LA and couldnt play in the 3 game stand? Well, he should've pulled a Jordan, I still think.

Ramon Martinez IS swine flu. Period.