Wrighting the Wrong

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Needless to write, say, or even ponder, but David Wright is in a funk. Like it's 1969.

(Was funk in then?)

Our friends at Metsradamus have come up with a solution for Mr. Wright to re-write his 2009 story and right all the wrong that yes, he had the rite to do but in turn, wronged us. You following? Good.

After Thursday's revelation that Alex Rodriguez might have been tipping pitches to opposing hitters while playing shortstop for the Rangers from 2001-03, the following idea has been thought up on how David can defeat Goliath (A.K.A. - his hitting struggles).

Here's a closer look from the enhancement department:

This is so gonna work.



Joe Smith 1989 said...

Wright really has to pick it up!!!!!! He has been killing us (and it wouldnt hurt Reyes to get a big hit either - I can promise u that!!)