We Left Our Heart In San Francisco

Thursday, May 21, 2009

If there was ever a time to panic it would be... not now.

The Mets are finding themselves extremely lucky, albeit not in their games but in the standings. Thankfully, no one in the NL East is on a tear right now so the Mets find themselves just a simple game back in the standings. Speaking of tear, Jerry Manuel says Jose Reyes could be headed to the DL. His calf will be examined today, Thursday, in NYC. (Between me and you, the Mets are absolutely awful when it comes to dealing with injuries. Carlos Delgado did not need to fly to the west coast last week. Jose Reyes did not need to return to the lineup if he was not 1000%... and don't tell me he was - he wasn't. This occurence tonight proves my point. If you want more proof that the Mets constantly drop the ball - besides in the outfield - when it comes to injuries then google "Ryan Church & Colorado". You'll see what I mean).


What's the most telling sign that your team is not performing well at all? No, besides the fact that most of it belongs in Triple A. Try again.

Yup, you guessed it: When your number 5 starter allows 1 run in 7 innings and you still lose 2-1 ... you know you're deep in number 2. I know that's alot of number for just 1 sentence but allow me to throw 3 more your way: 9-1-1.


According to Gary Cohen, the Mets have gone 307 plate appearances without a homerun. Is that a joke? I know this number won't succeed 1,000; we're due to be in Yankee Stadium in the near future.

Speaking of Yankee stadium home runs, the Yanks went back-to-back-to-back on Wednesday night for the first time in the new stadium. I'm surprised it's only happened once so far; the only thing quicker to leave the park are Twins Fans.


Take your time getting back, Delgado.

Daniel Murphy looked outstanding on defense while playing first base for the first time in his major-league career. He made a handful of impressive stops on ground balls hit in the hole and down the line, flipping the ball like an old pro to Hernandez for outs. He also made a goalie-like, leaping grab on a hot line drive to end the fifth inning.

Prior to tonight's game, Jerry Manuel told reporters he will no longer use Daniel Murphy in the outfield. That came as a shock to me being that I never knew Murphy actually PLAYED in the outfield. Wink wink.


The Mets now head to Boston to take the Red Sox on for three games. But first...let me throw the cliche line at you. Ready? Here goes:

"Thankfully, The Mets first have a much needed day off on Thursday."

If I had a nickle for every time....


Asmachta said...

Uh, oh. Wait till Wario gets here. He's gonna have a fit. Where has Al been these days? Either way, something is wrong. We're losing like crazy. Return, Al!

Skeptic Al said...

Thank G-D Blogger is owned by Google, so not withstanding the suckyness of blogger as a blogging tool, they should at least have search in order.

And glad I am they do. I mention that merely for the fact that it allows anyone with a keyboard to be able to input the words 'heart' and see that on a balmy spring training day, the word 'heart' was used by a certain skeptic, albeit with the word 'No' in front of it.

For the realist its quite clear that the Mets heart was buried in Shea, together with Bobby Valentines mustache. No, not left in some slimey San Fransicko hotel.

More and more its becoming evident that Met fans have abused girlfriend syndrome.

Abused Girlfriend: "But I really love him"

Shrink: But he just punched you in the face, for the fourth time this week.

Abused Girlfriend: But in my heart, I know he loves me"

Shrink: Than why is he cheating on you with your best friend?

Abused Girlfrind: I donna know...gotta be a good reason...anyways I love him and I know he loves me.

Shrink: OK, Ill see you again tommorow.

shrink86 said...

al, i agree..
but when is to much enough?

they looked dreadful over these last 3 games. where are those power hitters and line drive hitters? all im seeing is double plays and strike outs!! im not happy!! we need some kind of shake up!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Lol, guys. After reading this... I need a shrink of my own.