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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now that most of the Mets' players have played positions they've last played in little league (i.e. Fernando Tatis played shortstop in a major-league game for the first time in 11 years. Jeremy Reed started at first base for the first time in his career Friday night), it seems as if Jerry Manuel is out of options. What's he to do?

Well, Jerry, it's a good thing you come to the blog daily. Here at Eli's Sports Bureau we've worked on some options that you might want to take a look at... or not.

Why not try...
  • Having Fernando Tatis - a utility man - play catcher? He is the team's emergency 3rd catcher these days. C'mon! It can't hurt anyone (besides Fernando's knees).
  • Putting David Wright on the mound to pitch? This way he can already be close to picking up the bunted balls, instead of having to creep 3 quarters of the way down the line for it?
  • Bringing Carlos Delgado to San Francisco only to be sent away a day later with a "sudden" injury? Oh, wait. You did do that.
  • Speaking to Omar Minaya on how it's important not to send Nelson Figueroa up and down from Triple A like he's an inanimate object? The guy's got feelings you know.
  • Leaving Daniel Murphy in to hit in a big spot when he had come through with a big pinch hit just 2 nights before that? Unless you don't believe in the Golden Boy anymore. We still do.
  • Putting Johan Santana in the 'pen? He'd be lights out as a 7th inning man and you have nothing to lose (besides a game, but apparently, that shouldn't bother you)...
  • Going out to fight the call when Ryan Church was called out for missing the 3rd base bag? Who cares if he really missed it? You fight for your players! Joe Torre did it in the 10th when his player got called out (by a substantial amount) because that is what a manager does for his player. Unless you don't like Church all that much... Hmm...
  • Teaching your team the fundamentals of baseball? If a players calls another player off - the latter leaves the scene. If a player has time to make a throw home - take the time. If a player wants to score - he should touch the previous base. Hey, that's just what I think. Mind me and my fundamentals.

BLOG POST SUBMITTED BY: Billy Andrews, a 5th grade Left Fielder for PS 197


Eddie G said...

You'd think Major League Players know this stuff.... it's horrendous!

WhatAPutz said...

WhataPutz says from MetsBlog.com:
May 19th, 2009 at 2:41 pm

good one eli.

asmachta said...

we are in big trouble!!

apples said...

bring up Nick Evens, eventhough he is stuggling a lot now, it sometimes helps boost the confidence... plus he is the combo outfielder 1baseman we are seeking right now!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

They would never do that, Apples.

A bit too much citrus in the head, don't ya think?