Which Manuel?

Monday, May 18, 2009

We're in a recession for gosh sakes! This is unacceptable!

At a time when people are begging for jobs, it becomes all the more puzzling when Mets.com is hiring the extremely unqualified and less of us HIGHLY TRAINED and QUALIFIED bloggers who are forced to find work elsewhere.

From the looks of the website today (as if people still read Mets.com in today's blogging age) the Mets have seemed to hire a Phillies fan to work for them or an imcompetent computer geek who doesn't know much about baseball. Both, ya say? Well, I couldn't argue with that.

Take a look at which manager may be taking it easy on Jose Reyes:

Sorry Marty Noble, your thoughts just don't seem up to par.


Joe Smith 1989 said...

They probably hired a Phillies fan. Oh dear.

Ceetar said...

amusing. I'd gladly take that job as both a blogger and a computer guy. Or maybe I'm overqualified?

haraz31 said...

is this Elis screen name outside this blog

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Don't understand the question, Haraz.

Marty Noble writes for MLB on Mets.com

He classifies his words as "Noble Thoughts".