"Big News" Coming

Monday, December 28, 2009

According to @EliFromBrooklyn's Twitter Feed, (Hey, that's me!), "Mike Francesa promises to have a 'major #Mets update in tomorrow's show.' "

Eli jokes, "If it's as big as the big cheese himself, it will be big."

Semi-funny, Mr. FromBrooklyn.

So, Andrew Vazzano of the TheRetropolitans.com (or something like that), says, "
If the Mets are feeding info to Francesa, and not anyone else, something is very, very wrong."

I don't think, based on hearing Francesa saying it live, that it is as "big" as one would hope (or fear), but rather it's something that the common fan can deduce and Francesa can and will confirm.

My sources tell me (my brain, that is) that it's got something to do with the Mets not being the team of yesteryears in regards to money, and that they will be acting like a smaller market team.

No longer will they claim to be the little brother of the New York Yankees when it comes to the financial arena, but more like a distant second cousin.

Whatever the case, during these boring and post-season 2009 months, any news is good news.

Update, 9:38 pm:

Francesa might also add, "The team will not be as competitive as years past in the upcoming years."

However "competitive" you want to call the past few years.

If you think about it, how "big" can "big news" be if he's waiting until tomorrow to say it? It must either be something only he knows, something he is assuming, or something that is nothing really at all?

Either way, a few hundred extra Mets fans will be listening at 1:05 pm on Tuesday (for Mike to let them know that he'll be releasing this "big news" in the 3 o'clock hour).


@bobby said...

Possible. Keep us posted

Kyle said...

Maybe its got to do with Francesa's big lunch on opening day at Citi?

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

Unless Fatso suddenly became a Mets fan he has no reason to the bearer of Big Met news. Something stinks besides the Mets team HR total.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

I doubt it's top secret stuff he's spilling.