Mets Get CC!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yesterday on Twitter, I wrote, "The Mets signed Catcher Chris Coste... I'm particularly excited about this move being that I've read his book, 'The 33 Year Old Rookie.'"

I continued by saying, "If you haven't read Coste's book, then it's a must-read this off-season. You will NOT be disappointed. Also, I will be buying his jersey."

Of course, this was before I read that Coste commented on the NY signing with, "It’s the last team I ever saw myself playing for. I knew I was going to accept it, but had to think about it for a few days… It wasn’t my choice to leave Philly… I never wanted to leave Philadelphia, I will always consider myself a Phillie.”

Now, Coste's book will warm anyone's heart, even Mr. December's (a fictitious baseball player who, if played playoff baseball in the cold month of December, would hit 4 home runs in one game and deny reporters a press conference due to his equally cold heart). I just feel a bit odd now buying his jersey after he spewed N.Y. sewer juice all over my optimism.

Either way, the semi-good news continued to pour in when the Phillies were said to have signed Mets Catching-Great Brian Schneider for 2 years.

Memo to GM Amaro: Might want to put Jamie Moyer up in a big spot (to bat, that is) over Mr. Schneider.

The real good news is, that with the old Number 23 leaving New York, we can now welcome our new 23 - LeBron Raymone James.

Rumor has it... James is coming to Queens.