I'm Talking To The Wall!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Matt Cerrone points out:
According to Adam Rubin in the Daily News, “Mets officials are considering removing the second level of padding in center field to make the wall eight feet."

Cerrone continues, "…if you look at the image in this post, you can see if they just come down to the normal level, instead of having that big barrier in the front of the Apple, it will be normal height… frankly, it’s the height of the walls in the gap they should be concerned about, even though i have heard people in power say things like, ‘There is no evidence that Citi Field was more difficult to hit in than Shea Stadium,’ and they’re right… "

So why bring this up if you can read it on Cerrone's site? Well, I remembered attending a game at Citi Field on May 13th of 2009, (as if there was any other year to attend a game there), and I recall seeing a homerun (a grand slam, nonetheless) from Fernando Tatis which, I would say, just cleared the wall.

If the team does, in fact, lower the wall - this sort of bomb would clear it by a don't-have-to-hold-your-breath margin.

To view Tatis' shot, click here.