DL is for Dis-Like

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UPDATE: Wednesday - 10:40 am - More responses have been added on the bottom.

I asked the Twitterazi tonight who the Mets fan dislikes more: The Wilpons, Omar Minaya or Jerry Manuel. They were told told to rank them.

Here are a few of the responses (out of the 6,493,871 that were sent):

SmackWat3r: Wilpons. Minaya. Manuel.

rbfdds: Dislike Wilpons, Omar , Manuel, respectfully. (most to least) #mets #sellmetstotrump #coupons

nickbegley: Can I vote for self hate for being a Mets fan with those characters captaining the ship?

harrycalat: madoff's vics, omar, gangsta.

GhostofAnsted: My vote goes to the Wilpons.

DaneLopes: All of the above.

JoePontillo: exactly the order u listed them Wilpons, Minaya, Manuel. #Mets #Hate

NYSportzNut: 1. Wilpons 2. Omar/Manuel (they go hand and hand in my eyes and should have both been fired)

Danny_Lanigan: let's just say I hope Omar and Jeff Wilpon crash into each other in Citi parking lot and die.

RyanStern33NYR: Order of dislike: 1. Omar 2. Jerry 3. Wilpons

TheRopolitans: Exactly that order.

DM_NYM_NYG: Wilpons (deep-seeded hatred & resentment),Omar, Jerry... Omar was liked once, Wilpons never, & it's hard not 2 have endearing love 4 Special Jerry.

michaelgbaron: I don't dislike any of them really - they just need to get back to what made them good in 05 06 & 1/2 of 07 - get refocused

metsfanmurph: I hate the Wilpons because they are liars, Omar because he is incompetent, and Manuel because he bunts to much. That order

kdoster: Wilpons, Minaya, Manuel but like @michaelgbaron said, I don't dislike them.. Well not all of them. Just have some stuff to improve

...over 75 percent of the folks ranked it with Wilpon, Minaya, and Manuel... can't say I disagree... although it would be interesting to know the extent at which the Wilpons handcuff Omar... would play a role in my decision...