Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why is (David) Wright the face of the franchise and not (Jose) Reyes and (Johan) Santana?

And who says you need a face of the franchise?

Who is the Phillies' 'face of the franchise?'

A tweety-friend, Sean Murphy, brings up these points to @MichaelGBaron on Twitter, and I can't say I disagree.

Why do you need that player, that face? For the brochure? To lure people in to buy tickets? To establish your team as one that has a player to build around? I don't fully get it.

A commenter on SlamOnline.com once said, "(I) never liked the concept of 'face of the franchise’ because there are so many negative unintended consequences: Team v. individual, what happens when “face” leaves,..."

Now, I can't say I agree so much with the "team v. individual" aspect since I don't think that is a consequence unless a player (such as Jose Reyes in this case) feels resentment about it and it leads to an unstable relationship between the two players, thereby affecting the production of the team, BUT I would say that if the Mets are reluctant to trade David Wright because they established him as 'the face of the franchise,' then that just seems wrong and ill-advised.

About Sean's point on 'Who is the Phillies face...?' - I'd have to say there isn't just one; pluralize the word 'face.' There's Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard to slap onto the front of your brochure and either one would work.

Santana, perhaps, is not THE face, because either A) a player coming out once every 5 days is tough to make a case to be the face of the franchise, B) he was acquired in a trade, as opposed to being home-grown, or C) Wright has been here longer so he was chosen or in-line to be the face, before Johan even got here.

Reyes is not a leader, as he even admitted to WFAN, nor is he mature enough to qualify, in order to be that guy.

Whatever the case, the face of the franchise might be a nice thing to have, but it shouldn't stop us, in any which way, from achieving the face we all know we want - our face smiling with the glare of a chamionship ring in our eyes.

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koosman3669 said...

Face, good hammy, bone chipless elbows, unbroken knees

Billy J said...

Solid read. Thanks, El.

Old Backstop said...

In regards to Jose Reyes as the “Face of the franchise” … not an option really. David is the better player, has been more consistent, healthier (Reyes has had two big injury issues already), more mature, and superior with the media.

Reyes is a great kid, but where as Reyes has been criticized often for perceptibly childish behavior (handshakes, dances, etc) – Wright has been seen as ahead of his time in terms of maturity. The guy was 25 and people were asking him to be the team’s leader (which was crazy).

Another reason why Wright is the clear franchise “icon” over Reyes was explained by Reyes himself. When Francessa asked Reyes about being a leader, he said he didn’t want that at all, and that Wright and Beltran were the leaders. Part of being the franchise icon is being a leader, a captain.

Beltran is also a leader, just ask any of the players … but Beltran was acquired as a free agent superstar, where as Wright was home grown, and that makes a huge difference in regards to how you are perceived when it comes to being the face of a franchise. Just ask Derek Jeter and A-Rod.

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