Calendar Needs To Sync With The Times

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I recently received a gift of a 2010 Mets Calendar, which was released by MLB, along with the New York Mets.

Either they're printing this thing 8 months before the first month of 2010 or they're not up to date as to who is on the team, but some of the featured players (one per month) is laughable.

I don't want to give any away, but it was quite a Putz-like move from them.

Update 4:01 PM:

...You can click on the picture to see a larger shot...

Can you find Brian Schneider? JJ Putz? Ryan Church? (What the...)



Dean Goldschmidt said...

Time is their worst enemy.

Ceetar said...

I tweeted about this weeks ago.

for the record, the Yankees aren't much better.

Church is the disturbing one..I mean, that wasn't even 'end of season' stuff..

Ceetar said...

"3 reasons I'm not buying the 2010 Mets wall calendar: Brian Schneider, Ryan Church and J.J. Putz.
2:13 PM Dec 14th from web "