Around The Majors - 3rd Edition

Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, a 162 game season is now down to a mere 150. Does that mean that the Florida Marlins have another 75 games to go before they realize that they just don't have what it takes to stay atop the NL East for a full season? I'm sure they're (weak) bullpen will remind them of that quite soon.

With that said, let's take a look at, er, AROUND THE MAJORS!

Florida Marlins: Beginning their season with the best record in franchise history, the 11-1 Marlins are hitting, pitching and well, winning. Quite auspicious for them that they don't face the mean lean Livan Hernandez too often. After all, he's the only one that has defeated them so far.

Tri-Cycle: 10 games into the 2009 season we had not one, not two, but three cycles to marvel at. Ian Kinsler, on Jackie Robinson day nonetheless, went 6-for-6 and became the fourth Texas Rangers player in club history and fifth in franchise history to hit for the cycle. Jason Kubel of the Twins completed his cycle by hitting a grand slam in the bottom of the eighth inning. Not too shabby. And the first one to accomplish the feat this season was the "almost-Met," Orlando Hudson. Miracle by the Hudson? Yes, indeed.

Cincinatti Reds: Cinci's above-average 6-5 start (and trailing the division leading Cubs by 1 game) can be accredited to their solid pitching, young hitters, and fine work by their scouting department. But not to their Mayor. What do I mean? Well, why don't you take a look at Hizzoner throwing out the first pitch. Or whatever you call the thing that he did.

New York Yankees: No team has ever opened up a ballpark and within the first 4 days has seen 20 balls go for home runs. Until now. You'd think it was the old Yankee Stadium and Josh Hamilton was up. But it's not as bad as losing by almost 3 touchdowns. Oh, they did that too. Where art thou, A-Rod?

New York Mets: Ah, the team that is afraid to score runs. You load the bases and they'll show you new ways to achieve double plays. You have a runner on third and nobody out? No problem. - strikeout coming up. David should be asking Daniel for advice - not the other way around. In regards to their pitching, no complaints. To Johan's parents, we say "thank you."

Beat The Streak: This has to be the easiest and hardest way to ever win a million bucks. All you gotta do is pick one player who will get at least one hit that day. Sounds simple, right? Now do it 57 days in a row. G-d Bless You Joe Dimmagio (and your 56 game hitting streak).

And... the Big Unit (Randy Johnson) pitched 6 hitless innings against the D-Backs before giving up a leadoff double in the 7th... Gary Sheffield hits his 500th homer against the Brewers, the first team he was ever on... the Red Sox and Orioles commence the finale of their four-game series in the late morning with an 11:05 AM scheduled first pitch on Monday... Umpire Ed Hickox likely will be out for a week after sustaining a concussion during Saturday's Yankee game when a foul ball hit off his helmet...

150 games left to real October baseball...


Skeptic Al said...

I wouldn't want to be standing next to Mayor Hizzoner at a urinal (divider or no divider).

Amazing how people in Cincinatti just take it so gracefully. If this was NY or Boston, Mayor Hizzonar would be Mr Hizzonar by now.

In all fairness he might have gotten blinded by the Eric Davis's bling.