Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Talk about ironic.

Recently you probably heard (barring that you live in a mountain side cave) that a Captain Richard Phillips surrendered himself to pirates to secure the safety of his ship's crew. Thankfully, he was later rescued from the Somalia barbarians and brought home to Underhill, Virginia where his loving family was waiting for him with open arms.

Where's the irony in that?

Patience, my devoted reader, patience.

After Mets Underground went, uh, underground, to have a FIRST EVER INTERVIEW with the Captain ('s second cousin once removed) we uncovered something that was never released in the press, nor heard on sports radio.

Ironically so, we were told that Captain Phillips is, in fact, wait for it... a Pittsburgh Pirates fan.

No wonder he gave himself so willingly to the sea pirates.

If we had to go into his head just moments before he risked his life by boarding their mini banana boat - we'd probably hear him convince himself that they're more exciting than his 25 man group out in Pittsburgh. No need to convince us, Captain.

All in all, it's a great story. I just don't think that it was super appropriate that Phillip's showed his love for his Major League team while giving his welcome-home speech.

Excitingly, he waved the "P" in the air, presumably for "Phillips" but oops, that's the official Pittsburgh Pirates hat you're waving, Richie.

Oh, and while you were gone, the Pirates got their booty kicked.