Scotty Doesn't Know (How To Pitch)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ahh, the best of both worlds.

Not only did the bullpen save the game for us on Opening Day, the epitome of last year's bullpen was hard at it, just like old times. For Arizona.

We saw those letters way too many times next to that man's name last year. Apparently, the BS is pun intended.

And just for good measure, it doesn't hurt to mention that Aaron Heilman came into the game on opening day with runners on the bases and pitched so amazingly that he up gave up a run. If you're keeping score at home: that's one more hit than J.J. Putz gave up this season. Heilman 1. Putz 0.

The New York Mets 2009; keeping the bull out of "bullpen".