Bad Baseball 102

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, it seems as if the Mets gather in the clubhouse after each game, pull their chairs close and sit in front of the read my blog.

They took a page out of yesterday's blog post by further showing us how to poorly play the unexciting game of baseball (these days, at least) and that they are staying away from a "win" as if it was the hottest new plague in town.

Welcome to Bad Baseball 102.

The Cons

  • John Maine earned himself a seat in the "Main John" in the clubhouse after a poor performance in which his location was, unsuprisingly, off. On second thought, if he was aiming for the Cardinal' bats then he was dead on.

  • Do we really have to see Rick Ankiel's mustache each time he comes to the plate or touches the ball in the outfield? Looks like Jose Valentin's evil brother.

  • All anybody was reminded of when watching or listening to the game tonight was the fact that Carlos Beltran didn't slide or that Daniel Murphy fell down in the Mets' previous game! Um, wasn't it a fresh start in a new game? Give it a rest, fellas. No need for it to play OVER AND OVER again in our heads.

The Pros

  • The 2 Mets players, Beltran and Murphy, whom if you did not know by know (hehe) cost us the game last night, were a tad prouder tonight with an RBI each. Nice to see them semi-redeem themselves. Or not.

  • The bullpen did keep the Cardinals quiet for 3 1/3 innings. That aint too shabby.

  • And finally, how sad is this? We're actually optimistic that Livan Hernandez will be on the mound tonight. And for our team! Gulp.


wario said...

I’m disgusted and perturbed by the play that im seeing.

Im losing interest, really early on, in a very long season.

It really is enough hearing about Murphy playing out of position, apparently, according to the stats from his minor league career, he was out of position at every position he played in.

I don’t wanna Sheff anymore! I think the reason the tigers released him is quite obvious!

I don’t want to see Castro anymore even though he lost weight, gee thanks for pointing that one out Keith Hernandez, maybe he should put it back on so he can hit again…. I want more Santos!

It’s time for Pelfry and Neise to shine!! We will be counting on you guys later in this long and downtrodden season.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Alot of fine comments, Wario. As I said earlier though, I'd rather they be not-so-great early on than to be amazing these days and then they'd break my heart later on... NO NO NO!!!

Murphy in the minor leagues, while playing 3rd base one year, had 35 errors! Did you know that? Evan Roberts said it on 660 today. So you can see that even by his "regular position" he is sub average.

Castro is nothing more than a backup but we need a real deal every day catcher. Sorry Schneider.

Give Sheff a chance. I'm nervous about Tatis and I like what I see from Cora.

Pelfrey's arm was taxed too much last year and Niese needs more time in the minors I assume.

Well, that's it for now...

wario said...

i would like to see more Reed than Sheff, he had a very strong spring.
im not at all nervous about tatis, he is solid, and you know what youll get.
whats your take on santos?
and yes send murph man down to learn how to shag fly balls!!!
whats your take on santa santos? i like

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Santos, so far, looks pretty good. He can hit the ball, run very very well for a catcher and seems to be in great shape. Good player.

Reed over Sheff but stop idolizing Reed. He aint that great. Or so I think.