Happy "Flushing" !

Friday, April 17, 2009

We are not going to complain. No, we will not.

It's only been a week (plus) into the season and after three series' complete I'm sure we can scream and kick about much that happened and didn't happen. But what for? Is this a Jets' blog?

If people want negative analysis and down-right dirty complaints then you might as well just click your way off this blog - I won't do it.

Am I going to blow a gasket that they fail to score runs in the late innings of games?

Am I gonna write to Omar that they're starting pitching is as shaky as a 500-pound concrete and steel beam suspended beneath the upper deck of the old Yankee Stadium?

Will I hit my head on a wall (again) just because the Mets have opened up their season without showing any urgency that they actually WANT to win?

No, no and definitely, no.

It would be the equivalent of beating a dead horse, whom might I add, would probably be more clutch come a crucial at bat in the 9th.

And for all those new to the English language, ehem, Oliver, "beating a dead horse" is an idiom that means a particular request or line of conversation is already foreclosed or otherwise resolved, and any attempt to continue it is futile.

But for some reason, no matter how many times I tell myself that I will not get distraught - it's almost as if a little voice in my head opposes me with rebuttal.

Sheesh, it's only been 9 games (and the Marlins have won 8 times)...

Pelfrey is going to be fine (even though he pitched over 200 innings last year?)...

Livan is pitching quite well (so that makes him our 2nd to best starter? Yikes)...

Our bullpen leads the NL in ERA (so it doesn't make a difference that Aaron Heilman has the same amount of wins as Johan Santana (1), a 0.00 ERA, 4 strikeouts in 4.2 innings pitched and he's given up only 3 hits?)...

That Jackie Robinson Rotunda is sweeeet (yeah, but what's it got to do with the Mets? And besides, where is the orange and blue colors in the stadium? The only thing blue are those fans in the green seats - which honors the Polo Grounds for heaven sakes)...

Not so easy living with a voice in your head, now is it?

But ignore the voice for there are better times ahead. The Brewers are coming into town today and with them is a reminder of even worse times for us Mets' fans. Someone that wreaks of the Old Shea, losing ways and the worst of 'em all - the Yankees.

Their bench coach.

Welcome back, Willie. You're in for a beating.