Around The Majors

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to the first edition of "Around The Majors." We hope you enjoy your stay here with us. Well, since this is our first time, let us get acquainted with the terms that will be thrown around here on a semi daily basis. Get your pencils (and crack 'em, because you're gonna remember it all in your head).

- Web Gems: A spectacular individual or collective defensive effort in a game of baseball that can result in a single out, double or triple play. A term popularized on ESPN's Baseball Tonight which has a Top 5 Web Gems segment.

- Familiar Face but Different Place: When the identity belonging to a person seems strikingly familiar but the jersey worn by that very same person seems to be out of place.

A case in point? The Cubs got off on the right foot but a man by the name of Aaron Heilman gave up a run to an inherited runner. Sound too familiar? Click here to see it. Enjoy him Chicago.

- Subway Series: A series of Major League Baseball games played between teams based in New York City. The term's historic usage has been in reference to actual games but in the 21st century it has become so much more.

Take a look at the most recent Battle of the Subways:

- Old Place; Old Face: With one swing of his bat in the fifth inning Monday night, Mariners right fielder Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 612th career home run and made Mariner fans remember exactly what they had been missing. Good thing for Mets' fans - had he still been on the Reds their game would've been tied 2-2 off Griffey's solo shot.

- Zschmito: According to Urban Dictionary, this is anytime a person, or a baseball franchise receives nothing in return for investing a whole lot of money. Zschmito is a morph of Jason Schmidt and Barry Zito, two pitchers from the National League who received huge paydays and then imploded into complete useless jokes for their respective teams.

Owner: "I just paid 62 million for an ace pitcher"

Fan: "Hope he doesn't pull a zschmito"

Well, C.C. (Cold Cash) is making a case for it to be called Sabazschmito!

- ATM: An acronym for the hot new segment "Around The Majors."

First Guy: Oh, you really cash in when you use that ATM!

Second Guy: Tell me about it.


haraz31 said...

Great Piece, i have to check everyday for the baseball round up

Skeptic Al said...

Everyone if you have ESPN just cancel it...theres obviously no need anymore.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Lol, Al. You're too funny. Lol.

Thanks everyone.