A Ring In Citi Field?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

As seen on Baseball Digest:

A World Series ring didn’t make its way to Shea Stadium in the last 22 years of its existence. As the Mets break in their new digs at Citi Field, a different kind of ring has already popped up at the new ballpark.

When the Mets announced they would be putting in a “FanWalk” in front of Citi Field, Philip Nash of East Rockaway, NY, hatched his plan. A life-long Mets fan, he knew exactly how he was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

He would ask her, Karen Olender of Niskayuna, NY, to marry him via a FanWalk brick in front of the Mets new stadium.

“I thought it would be really cool to come back and see the brick 40 years from now with a family – assuming she said yes,” Nash said.

Before a recent Mets game at Citi Field, Nash planned for Oleander to meet him outside of the new field. Problems arose from the outset.

“Her original plan was to get to the game once she finished with work and meet me in the seats. This plan would not work for obvious reason.” Nash said. “I needed her to leave work early so she can get to the game with me and walk around outside the stadium.

“Luckily, I know her boss and spoke with him about what I had planned. He helped encourage Karen to leave work very early and promised she would be there with plenty of time.”

Years of planning went into “popping the question.”

“When purchasing a brick the Mets sent me a replica brick that I’ve been hiding in our apartment for almost two years,” Nash said.

Thankfully, he had a solution.

“I was fortunate to realize that Karen is turned off by all things related to video games,” Nash said. “I was interested in purchasing an Xbox, and her opposition to such a purchase reinforced that this would be a great cover for hiding the brick. I bought the Xbox and placed the brick inside the box the Xbox came in.”

Making her “find” the brick was another obstacle in the way of Nash and Oleander’s engagement. Nash had attended one of the exhibition games at Citi Field and knew where the brick was laid out. He led her to the spot and let her look.

“Karen looked at the brick and said something like ‘OK. Did you find this when you were here for the games a few weeks ago? These people have the same names as us.’” Nash said.

“Then I told her that it’s her brick and I bought it for her. She realized what was going on and said ‘What!?! Really?!?’ a few times,” Nash said. “I had to ask her what she says. She said ‘Yes!’”

Getting engaged at Citi Field was a two-fold accomplishment for Nash.

“Karen enjoys going to the games but otherwise doesn’t really follow what is going on.” Nash said. “I think she will now be forever interested in the Mets – which was a tiny part of my plan from the beginning.”

“Now I always have my Citi Field meeting point before games,” Nash said


Joe Smith 1989 said...

Is it corny to say that this story has a nice ring to it?