Meet The Met

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not every team has a 26 man roster. In fact, most of them have the standard 25. A few, such as the Phillies, Brewers and Mets have a man on the squad that although they each don't play much - they never get sent to the minors and at times bring more joy to the fans than some every day players.

Give up? I'm talking about the mascot.

The Yankees believe that having a semi-cartoon character running around with a large ball head or to be presented by a giant fish with a nose bigger than Dennis Rodman's (The Marlins) is childlike and not befitting for a major league team. Right but treating Joe Torre with selfishness and lack of gratitude isn't childlike? You get back to me on that.

So what is it about the T-Shirt Launching, Steroid Taking (only in his head, c'mon it's so obvious), Mascot Making and Politic Pranking (See The Last Clip in: Getting Reel) Mr. Met that gets all of our attention?

Yes, besides his 10 foot head.

What is it that makes us want to run over by every game and snap a picture with that lovable fella?

If that last sentence describes you, then kindly leave this website. Go ahead. X it. Brrr.

Well, it can't be his power of speech because, as we all know, Mr. Met is not a man of many words (as is Oliver Perez when it comes to English). It can't be because he has many friends (since he fights with the Philly Phanatic more than Kobe fought with Shaq). So what is it that draws us in? What is all the hoopla about?

Well, he does have some solid pranks...

It's certainly not the speed of his fastball (when using the ball that makes up his head):

Could it be because of his skills away from the field?

Well, he is a great listener.

He is quite good-looking...

The guy can hit the longball...

Sorry to interrupt. Apparently, a Mr. George Steinbrenner reads this blog and has decided to have a mascot of his own. Take a look.

It actually looks like George after a losing season.

This next one might be a tad old but you can see that Mr. Met has a sense of humor (and twist of weirdness with the "pretty" thing)... Check it out for yourself...

What is the deal with the smelling pretty? I'll believe it was for Mrs. Met.

Okay, so you have been acquainted with our baseball-headed humanoid being who wears a Mets cap and uniform by every home game. He has not had an official at bat, nor has he played an out in the field, but he is said to sleep upside down and throws T-shirts, cracker jacks and great parties.

On April 14, 2002, the Mets held a birthday party for Mr. Met at Shea Stadium. It was attended by costumed mascots from all around Major League Baseball and by Sandy the Seagull, mascot of the Brooklyn Cyclones. Lady Met was conspicuously absent.

So you see, even though he's got a big head and he's not much of a talker, we still go out to the ballpark, buy a hot dog or two and cheer that guy on...

Either that or it could be that Championship Caliber Team that plays right behind him.

Down in front, Mr. Met!


Skeptic Al said...

Great Stuff...I'm staying up all night in anticipation, the excitment is overwhelming!

wario said...

I used to think it was Barry Bonds in there with the giant head… but he is a loser, so that cant be.