Tuesday, April 14, 2009

J.J. Putz joined Mike Francesa, of WFAN, live at Citi Field before the Mets home opener and just like last night's game - the best part of it all was...the end. But for a different reason.

As they are wrapping things up and Mike thanks J.J for coming on with him, J.J shows that sarcastic side of him which we can all come to love.

Mike: Enjoy your time here and we're looking forward to tonight.

JJ: Always a pleasure to get a chance to talk to a pope. I'll tell you that.

As stated on TheRopolitans, Bob Raissman of the Daily News has called Francesa “The Pope” for years because he thinks he is high, mighty, and all knowing. It seems like someone must have tipped Putz off about the nickname.

But wait...the best part comes next. Francesa's reaction to the comment is down right hilarious. I would write it out here but I guess it's best to hear it first. It can be heard here, just stroll to April 13th, and look for J.J. Putz's name.

Apparently, the J.J. is for Jokin Jokester.