Change 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When it rains, it pours. And then it stops.

That basically sums up the Mets scoring in each and every game they have played this season. If it doesn't rain - it doesn't rain (A.K.A. a scoring drought). If they feel like scoring then they'll put together a big inning (hence, the downpour) and then they shut the faucets off as if they're part of a Save-Water-And-Recycle program.

About 1/3 of the way done in batting practice, does Howard Johnson yell, "okay, boys, you can stop giving it you're all now. You've had a few good swings and that oughta hold the other team down"? I didn't think so.

So why does every Met fan feel that if the team is trailing after the 6th or 7th inning - our chances of winning are lower than the limbo bar at a Chinese girl's birthday party?

I hope you don't actually think that I am going to answer that now; I got as good as a guess as you do. Thankfully, I twittered a poll question tonight asking, "If you can change one thing about this team, what would it be?"

Since I don't speak French - I'll leave some of the replies off the list...

Here is a list of just some of the answers I got:

ChanHoParkingLot: Is "everything" considered "one thing"?

Sanchez345: Oliver Perez's diaper. He's stinking up the joint!

CitiLover: The day I was born. (Editor's Note: Technically, this has nothing to do with the Mets but we're assuming that CitiLover meant the Mets can make life not worth living. Uh, he or she should bank elsewhere. Citi is just not for them).

IraFrillz: I wouldn't change a thing. It's absolutely perfect. Pass the marijuana.

Caution86: Sean Green. Oli Perez. Brian Schneider. Murphy's glove. Delgado's hip. (Ed. Note: If we, the editors, had a choice, we would like to change Caution86's prescription because obviously he or she did not read the question correctly. For goodness sake, what sort of people are reading this blog?)

SheaStuffer: I'd trade Green, Tatis and Reed for Roy Holladay come trading deadline. (Ed. Note: You would? We'll definitely look into that).

And our personal favorite:

NationalsAndObama: Come and root for Washington. We got CHANGE you can believe in.

I'd like to thank everyone for writing in their thoughts (and for proving to me that when people root for a team that is so predictably unpredictable - a trip to the doctor shouldn't be that far behind).


wario said...

wario- id like to change the jackie robinson rotunda!!
since when did he play for the mets???

wario said...

random... make one for roberto clemente while your at it!!

wario said...

and larry bird!!!

wario said...

and barack obama1

wario said...

and david beckham!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Settle down. I decided what I want to change. I'm changing the fact that I even follow baseball.

Why didn't Wright bunt with 2 men on and no outs? He's in a slump for heaven sakes!!! 4-3 loss is brutal...