Carlos Gem-ez Update

Friday, July 17, 2009

While with the Mets in 2007, Carlos Gomez batted .232 in 125 at bats with 2 home runs. After being traded to the Minnesota Twins (in the Johan Santana deal), Gomez batted .258 in 577 at bats (153 games) in 2008. He had 7 home runs on the season.

So far, in 2009, Carlos has hit .235 in 187 at bats and has 2 home runs. Not so special, eh? Not too fast there.

Gomez is leading the American League with 27 "ESPN Web Gem" appearances. So although he might not be styling for the home crowd after hitting a deep bomb onto the I-268 in Minnesota, he sure as heck will give you your money's worth when he's tracking down balls in the outfield.

(Via a Bad Cell Phone Camera)

Enjoy him, Twins Nation!

P.S: This might be a bad time to mention this but really, thanks for Johan. He's just as advertised, especially since he's nearing the peak of his career. Sweeet.


Skeptic Al said...

Where's the video ? What a tease!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

No video for this one. Sorry. Maybe start paying for some baseball blogging service?